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Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter Review

Scotty Cameron is introducing a new line of mallets. This line is called the Phantom X due to its new shape. In addition, several improvements were made to their previous design.

Scotty Cameron aimed to create a high MOI mid-sized mallet. This type of mallet is one of the most favored mallets that many golfers use, especially those who like the blade-style putters.

The Phantom X putter is made of a combination of 6061 aluminum and 303-grade stainless steel. These two were mixed metals to create a light and sturdy putter.

Face Insert Design

In previous designs like Futura, you can see that the face was inserted and wrapped around the sole and to the front of the face. Also, you can see the silver steel border across its face.

The makers decided to change this design for the Phantom X which now comes with a black aluminum face. You can also see the wrap around in front of the putter down from the crown or the sole.

The designs will also differ depending on your preferred head styles.

Phantom X Sound and Feel

Another goal is to improve the sound and feel of the putter. The use of aluminum on this putter provides good feedback and strong metal feel.

Unlike the Futura, the Phantom X is shallower and has a 3.5-degree loft. Also, the Phantom X has a slim design that tapers towards the toe and heel of the putter giving a better visual of the putter.

Alignment Aiding Lines

Another standout feature that you can see on the Phantom X is the non-traditional neon yellow lines on the all black putter. This added feature is something new to Scotty Cameron putters.

The reaction may not be positive at first, but you will eventually discover that it does the job perfectly.

Other than the neon yellow line, you can also see dots and crown styles depending on the model number. The dots and lines and where they are placed vary according to the model number.

For example, number 5 has dots on its raised leading edge while 8 and 6 have lines on the top down to the face front.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Grips

New Pistolero Plus grips are also added to the Phantom X. This makes the lower part of the top hand grip much thicker. It’s a perfect combination of a thicker grip with a traditional and classic design.

With these newly designed putters, it may be difficult to choose the best Scotty Cameron putter. Therefore, be sure to do a Scotty Cameron fitting before buying one.

Shaft Lengths on the Phantom X Putter

Phantom X has three different shaft lengths and weights which also contribute to the performance of your putter. Apart from the shaft weight, you also need to consider the weight of the head which is about 10 grams.

When getting your own Scotty Cameron putter be sure to check which weight and length you are comfortable using.

Putter Hosel Style

Another thing that you need to look at is the hosel style. Each head balance has a different hosel style.

For example, the Mid-Bend creates a neutral face-balance while the Straight can create a toe-hang. Low Bends with a 0.5 designation usually have a toe hang.

Beginners and experienced golfers should go for a Scotty Cameron fitting. You’ll learn what is more comfortable for your putting style like a Mid-bend, 35 inch Phantom X putter.

At a club fitting session for a putter you’ll be able to test out the Scotty Cameron, on let’s say a 20-foot putt. The putter fitter will be able to correct any posture issues at address as well as eye position.

With this help, you’ll able to find a comfortable way of positioning yourself when hitting the ball while seeing better consistency on your putts.

Reviews of the Phantom X Putters from Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 5

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 has a wing-backed design. Its leading edge is raised with an aluminum wrapping right under it. Compared to all the putters in this line, you can say that this has the most compact head.

It also has the highest pitched sound. This sound is produced due to the open design of the rear part of the putter.

Most people don’t usually like the pitch sound whenever they hit the ball. However, this putter works well for people who like to hear the pitch sound of the ball.

Scotty Cameron golf clubs are usually loud and have good audible feedback which helps you see how far you could hit. This is one of the reasons why many fitters for Scotty usually focus more on audible and visual feedback when fitting their golf clubs.

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Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 6

Model 6 continues to carry the same theme as model 5. However, the area around the steel wings contains an aluminum crown which flow under the head and on the face is partially filled.

Model 6, probably has the best sound compared to model 5. Model 6 also comes with a shaft option. It is the perfect putter for golfers who want a firmer impact.

You can also see the visual dots and lines on this model. You can see three yellow dots on the shaft’s center.

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Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 7

The model 7 is the middle range of the Phantom X line. Many people would like it because of its aluminum top design. It also has longer alignment lines compared to the other versions.

Its sole has several open sections which make louder feedback. This model also has a left-handed option.

Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 8

Unlike models 5, 6, and 7, model 8 is the only putter that doesn’t have the steel wing design. It also doesn’t have an open space, giving it a distinctive look. This makes a more muted sound compared to models 6 and 7.

This putter is the best putter for golf tours.

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Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 12

Lastly, we have the model 12. Model 12 is basically the best putter in the Phantom X line. It has the highest MOI and also has rear wings. The rear wings at the back help increase the MOI of the putter when they hit the ball.

Aside from that, it also has the largest head compared to the others. Its mid-bend shaft makes its face more balanced. Whenever you use this putter, you will be able to hear that thin and high pitch sound. It’s a perfect choice for people who prefer this feedback when they play.

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Verdict for Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

At a glance, most people think the Phantom X is just like any other putter in the market. It’s definitely a bit pricey for a simple putter.

However, after doing the putter fitting, it makes you appreciate the Phantom X even more. You can feel and see the difference between each model. It is very important that you experience a putter fitting to distinguish which putter works.

In addition, there are different models that you can choose from. You can see the different head shapes and shaft bends. Surely, you can find a perfect model putter for you.

Also, you can see the alignment lines around the face of the series even though not everyone can appreciate them. Nonetheless, we can say that it’s better compared to the Future line.

We can say that many of the Scotty Cameron mallets are one of a kind. Apart from its design, it is also made from the best quality material. Scotty can be a little bit boring with its classic black and white lines and steelhead but, nonetheless, it does its job well.

The Futura line may have to keep things classic to play safe with the design and functionality. However, the Phantom X went all out by creating a bold statement. Although most people have different reactions with regards to its design, still many appreciate its boldness.

Metal putters are always the perfect putters if you are looking for best sound feedback and softer aluminum feels. Phantom X was able to fulfill these with its steel and aluminum metal combination.

Lastly, if you are hesitating to get one because of its premium price, then it is best that you try checking out other metal putters in the market. There are other putters that are cheaper compared to the Phantom X.

However, if you think about it, getting a Phantom X can be a good investment. It might be a little pricey but it offers the best quality putters in the market.

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