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Is the Callaway Apex Hybrid Worth the Money? (Review)

Don’t be shocked but Callaway just came out with a new Apex Hybrid for the first time in 4 years! Why so long? Callaway creates quality golf clubs and when you create a high quality hybrid like the previous apex hybrid, you don’t need to launch a new one every year.

But in 2019, Callaway has decided it’s time and we’re excited to review the new Apex 19 hybrid for you below. But first, here’s some resources we want to highlight for after today’s article.

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Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid Review

Jailbreak Technology

Callaway has once again implemented their famous Jailbreak technology into a golf club. The jailbreak bars help produce faster ball speeds by stiffening the club head’s entire structural design.

These bar inserts sit behind the face of the club and connect the crown to the sole, adding that stiffness that allows the cup face to flex a little more which in turn increases ball speed.

Increased Playability

The goal with the Apex 19 hybrid by Callaway is to increase playability so golfers can get great trajectory and forgiveness on their golf shots, keeping the ball in play more.

Most beginners tend to hook their longer clubs, so creating a hybrid that produces iron like trajectory but with control that stays straighter, you’ll find it much easier to swing with confidence.

The face on the 2019 Apex Hybrid is square shaped like an iron and Callaway created a high toe which helps get the head weight more neutral.

While it appears toe heavy when you set up at address, don’t worry because the face opens up near the top of the toe which makes it appear slightly open, even if it truly isn’t.

Design and Style

The new 2019 version comes in a sleek black finish and the head design is a bit deeper compared to the 2015 version. The previous 2015 hybrid was a silver color but the new black color design looks much better, in our opinion.

Shaft Options

The Project X Catalyst HYB Graphite shaft comes standard with this hybrid and is offered in multiple flex options like Light, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff.

The True Temper Catalyst shaft is very firm and stable with a finish of silver which makes it appear as if it’s steel even though it’s actually a graphite shaft.

Loft Options

You can choose multiple options for the 19 Apex Hybrid such as:

  • 2 hybrid
  • 3 hybrid
  • 4 hybrid
  • 5 hybrid

This gives you flexibility if you need to replace certain long irons in the bag with a hybrid club or if you need to fill a distance gap between your irons and woods. You can also play with multiple apex hybrids to serve different distances you need in your bag.


With a golf hybrid, you want solid launch from both the fairway and rough and I felt like the Callaway Apex 19 accomplished that just fine. Ball flight trajectory was mid to high for me when testing it on the range and I felt solid control when working on fades and draw shots.

Spin rates are down slightly which can help add a little extra distance compared to the typical hybrid. This could be beneficial for golfers on long par 5 holes or on tee shots when you need to play a confidence club that can end up in fairway.

Overall, it’s a very solid iron replacement club that is smooth to swing and performs well on shot shaping ability. The better players who can consistently strike the ball center of the face will see best results from this hybrid, but it also works well for beginners.

The larger head profile can add some confidence as well compared to smaller, compact hybrid heads and the square shaping like you’d find on an iron helps you feel like your swinging iron, but getting distance and forgiveness of a hybrid.

It’s a premium hybrid so it comes with a higher price tag but you’re definitely getting value for the price Callaway is offering it at. It’s a durable, high performing club that will surely stay in your bag multiple years as long as you enjoy using it, so it’s long life cycle will help you save money long term.

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