SuperBee Golf Impact Trainer Inflatable Ball Review

Most people would usually think that playing golf is just simply swinging your club and hitting the ball. However, playing golf is not as easy as most people make it sound. Golf needs a lot of arm strength and discipline to withstand 18 tees.

If you plan on working on your arm strength, here is an equipment that you can use to help you build your performance.

Golf Impact Ball Trainers: Why Get One?

  • Improves Golfing Stance
  • Easy to Use
  • Made from Eco-friendly Materials

Improves Golfing Stance

The most important function of this equipment is to correct your stance. The inflatable ball is created to improve problematic areas like the forearms and sides. It has an adjustable lanyard that you can effortlessly modify to suit your height and arm length. It makes it easy to reach the parts that you need to work on.

Easy to Use

The Impact Trainer is very easy to use. You only have to inflate the ball and put it around your neck. It has an adjustable lanyard that you can adjust from any height. Apart from that, it is easy to stow away. You can carry it wherever you go. 

Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Apart from the good benefits that we could get from this training tool, it is also environment-friendly. Its makers are also concerned about the environment. They made sure that all the materials used in the product are eco-friendly. Its PVC materials are safe for your skin as well.

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Q&A Section

How does it work?

Apart from the posture, the golf impact trainer is an important tool to help you rotate your arms in a more accurate and comforting manner. It corrects and flattens the swing planes whenever you hit the ball.

Aside from that, it also lessens down unnecessary movements like raising your arms unconsciously when doing a backswing. Also, your club rotation is also corrected. This tool is a perfect way to improve your pitching technique as well as help build endurance for long games.

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How do I choose the Best Golf Ball Impact Trainer?

Golf Impact Trainers comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. You need to consider the length of your arms. In this way, the length of the lanyard is not too short or too long for you.

Down below is a chart that you can refer to so you will know which size is suitable and comfortable for you. Make sure to measure your arm length before buying one.

Sizes Height
Small (Junior) 64 inches and under
Medium (Women) 60 to 70 inches
Large(Men) 67 inches and above

What are the techniques that are targeted by the Impact Ball?

Aside from stance, the impact ball also improves strike accuracy. It disciplines the body to make the proper hand and body movements, making it easier to hit clear marks on the field.

It also improves your chipping, putting, full swings, and bunker plays.

In addition, the impact ball gives you the playing experience like you are actually playing on an actual golf tournament. It conditions your mind and body to play like you are in a competition.

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