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Ray Cook Golf – Ladies Silver Ray 600 Putter Review

Putters are one of the most important clubs that every golfer must have. Today we review the Ladies Silver Ray 600 putter by Ray Cook Golf. It’s a budget friendly women’s golf putter if you’re looking to buy a cheap, but quality putter.

Ray Cook is a popular putter brand and these putters are used by many amateurs, mid-handicappers, and high handicap golfers. It’s a great starter club too for beginners!

If you are new to golf or if you are looking for a better putter, we might just have something that you are looking for.

Ray Cook Golf – Ladies Silver Ray Putter

  • One of a kind design
  • Great Performance
  • Cheaper than Others in the Market

One of a kind design

This putter is a one of a kind women’s putter design from Ray Cook Silver Ray 600. Its popping colors makes the putter stand out in the background.

Oftentimes, putters come in monochromatic colors like white, black, and brown. The putter comes in a combination of a white and teal color, making it look brighter with a bubble gum pop appeal.

Great Performance

Apart from the great and unique design, this putter can also pull off the best in any player. It has a 3-degree angle lot which can launch putts at a better angle compared to the 4-degree putts.

The lie angle is about 70 degrees with a double bend full shot offset. The putter is about 33 inches long and comes with a right-handed orientation.

Cheaper the others in the market

We know that golf equipment is usually expensive. However, this putter is cheaper compared to the other brands in the market. This putter usually costs half the price of other brands in the market.

It’s a good investment for beginners who are just learning to play golf.

Check the current price here on Amazon

Q&A Section

How do I choose the perfect putter?

When choosing your putter, there are things that you need to consider like the weight, loft, lie, gripping style, and height.  Aside from that, you also have to consider the types of face and heads.

With these considerations, make sure that you try out several putters in a golf store or a sports store. In this way, you will know which putter is best suited to your taste and comfort.

Why use a putter in a game?

One of the best things about putters is that it makes it easier for you to get a solid score.  Its short and flat physical appearance makes it easier for you to get a clear shot.

Do not hesitate to use a putter when you are near the tee. In addition, you can practice with a putter to improve your accuracy.

When should I use my putter?

You can use your putter when you are on the greens or when you are close to the tee. However, make sure that you check out the greens on the field. In this way, it will be easier for you to assess how hard you should hit the ball.

Before you pull your putter on the field, make sure that you check out other players and see how their putter is doing on the greens.

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