titleist dt trusoft golf ball

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball Review

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball Review

Today’s golf ball review brings you new insight on the Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball, which many consider as a cheaper option if you don’t have $50 to fork over for a dozen Pro V1 balls.

With that in mind, Titleist cut costs by designing the DT TruSoft golf ball without a urethane cover which is what gives tour level balls high spin rates like you see on the Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5, and Srixon Z Star golf balls.

However, there are several positives that still make this golf ball one of the best options on the market, while remaining affordable for amateur players. Let’s review the technical features and specs you’d find on Titleist’s website.

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DT TruSoft Golf Ball Specs & Design Technology

TruTouch Core: The new, larger low compression TruTouch Core is designed to deliver low spin for longer distance and a truly soft feel on all shots.

TruFlex Cover: The ionomer based cover has also been improved with a new TruFlex version that delivers that soft feel and higher spin for wedge shots.

TruFlight Technology: New DT TruSoft golf balls are constructed with advanced aerodynamics meeting strict quality standards to ensure maximum distance and consistent, piercing ball flight.

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Our Review of the DT TruSoft Ball

Short Game Thoughts

The Titleist True Soft golf ball is a non-urethane covered ball which makes it different from most Tour Balls. The big difference you’ll notice between urethane covered balls and non-urethane covers is the spin.

The Titleist True Soft has much lower spin compared to the Pro V1, but the TruFlex Cover has helped it regain spin with the wedge shots to help improve your chipping around the greens.

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While we did notice a difference in spin with our wedges, there isn’t a huge difference that would affect your golf game by using the DT TruSoft instead of a Pro V1.

As far softness, you can definitely feel it on the putter and the sound is much softer when compared to the Pro V1.

The TruTouch Core is larger and compresses more which makes the softness more noticeable but it isn’t super soft like we experienced when putting with the Callaway ChromeSoft. Instead, you still get a firmness from the golf ball to help give you feedback on your putts.

Overall, our short game review of the DT TruSoft is a B+ and should satisfy most golfers looking for a cheaper alternative to the Pro V1X.

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Long Game Thoughts

If you struggle to get distance with your drives, you may notice a few extra yards off the tee by using the DT TruSoft golf ball. Why the added distance? Less spin.

The 2018 version of the Titleist True Soft golf ball has a larger low compression TruTouch core that reduces the spin on longer shots and gives it softer feel off the driver face.

In terms of distance, we didn’t find a huge difference compared to the Pro V1. And one thing we found that most golfers will love is a consistency from shot to shot in terms of overall distance.

With tour level balls like the TP5X and Pro V1X you’ll notice bigger differences in distances from shot to shot depending on how solidly you strike the ball.

But with the DT TruSoft golf ball, it is more forgiving and has lower compression allowing average players to achieve similar distances on their golf shots. Consistency is key!

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Pricing – How Much Do DT TruSoft Golf Balls Cost?

As mentioned, this is a cheaper alternative to the Pro V1 so it is built with a cheaper cover, but still a durable cover. Recently, a dozen DT balls were selling for under $25! Pretty good deal right?

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