volvik vivid golf ball review (1)

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Review

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Review

The Volvik Vivid golf ball is a 3 piece ball which includes a core, an outer layer and the cover. The ball is geared towards 70 to 90 mph swing golfers and is a “softer” golf ball making it ideal for these players who have lower swing speeds.

We like this golf ball for its overall distance as golfers with slower swing speeds will enjoy the lower spin, more distance design approach that Volvik took when making this golf ball.

It also comes in a variety of color options making the golf ball one of the easiest to find on the golf course. We used the Volvik Vivid orange golf ball during our tests which you can see on Amazon here.

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On putts, this ball does feel soft coming off the face with a minimal “thud” at impact. It still has enough of a solid feel to it that you can get feedback on if you felt like you over hit your putts or didn’t hit them hard enough.

On wedge shots, you’ll notice they can pierce through the wind which can be especially important on 40 yard to 100 yard shots on a windy day. Around the greens, I still felt decent short game control over the Volvik Vivid golf ball when comparing it to other balls like the Tour S4, TP5, and Pro V1 balls.

On driver shots and long irons, I loved the distance. It also felt powerful coming off the face when struck in the center of the clubface. It does have a softer feel at impact due to the lower compression of the golf ball which I liked.

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The Volvik Vivid golf ball comes standard in three color choices; yellow, orange, and red and they’ve since added others including a pink option which was played by Bubba Watson.

This may turn away some golfers seeking a white and black golf ball, but otherwise these colors can make the ball easy to spot on the golf course.

Another visual difference you’ll notice between this ball and most golf balls are the dimples and how they’ve been visually removed from the ball due to the matte finish, but remain there if you pick up the ball and feel it.

Here’s an image showing a difference between the Volvik Vivid and S4 golf balls

volvik vivid dimples

Performance Review – Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

The biggest difference you’ll notice between the Vivid ball and the S4 ball is that Volvik’s new vivid golf ball has less spin. This lead to more distance on our practice tests with the Vivid golf ball compared to the distances we were seeing with the S4.

It also has less spin compared to a Pro V1 so hitting into greens could be more challenging if you have a low ball flight and struggle to get the golf ball to stop on greens.

Distance wise, the Volvik Vivid still traveled similar distance as the Pro V1 when we tested both with our driver and 7 iron.

This is impressive because it’s geared towards slower swing speed golfers and designed to help these golfers increase their distance they hit the golf ball, which we felt it did.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a golf ball to help you hit further on your drivers and long irons, the Volvik Vivid is definitely one of our top recommended ball options.

You will be sacrificing some control around the greens but for most amateur golfers, you won’t notice a huge difference.

Additionally, on chip shots, you usually want to play a bump and run style shot to get the ball rolling so this ball fits that shot type perfectly with its less spin design as compared to other short game golf balls like the Pro V1.

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