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Top 5 Golf Rangefinders Under $250

Welcome to our review guide of affordable golf rangefinders that still provide top of the line features and technology. A rangefinder is a handy tool you can use on the golf course to measure yardages to the pin as well as targeting bunkers, hazards, and lay up distances.

In turn, this distance information can help you make smarter decisions when playing golf shots. You can end up hitting the golf ball closer to the hole and avoiding costly mistakes.

The end result should be lower golf scores, making the investment in a golf rangefinder worth the money! Hope you enjoy the review and here are some additional resources.

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5 Affordable Golf Rangefinders

Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder with Slope Reading

First on our list of affordable range finders you can find under a $250 budget is the Callaway 300 Pro.

This is one of the few rangefinders you’ll find with slope reading capabilities at an affordable price. Callaway is also a well known brand in the golf space so you don’t have to worry about quality when paying cheaper prices.

The rangefinder offers 6X magnification which compares equally to all other rangefinders we review in today’s guide. It also can scan distances up to 1,000 yards away with +/- 1 yard accuracy.

Fear not about targeting the wrong object when shooting distances. The Callaway 300 Pro has pin acquisition technology to lock in the pin from up to 300 yards.

This will give you confidence when choosing a club to hit the shot, knowing that you locked the flag and not a false distance behind the flag. It also gives a birdie chirp sound when the rangefinder has locked on the target to confirm distance acquisition to the flag stick.

Another cool feature is the ability to acquire distances to multiple targets at once thanks to the scan functionality. This allows you to measure distances to multiple hazards or carry vs lay up distances, for example.

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Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder

The Precision Pro NX7 is available on Amazon at a budget friendly price. Click the link to see where it stands currently as prices adjust.

The first feature to highlight is the Pulse Vibration technology, which sends a unique vibration when you have successfully hit the pin with the laser. This adds confidence that you’ve measured the right distance and not caught a tree or structure behind the green on accident.

The Pro NX7 comes with a 6X magnification, providing a very clear image of the flag and other objects you’re targeting from far away. It can span up to 400 yards away which covers any golf shot you’re about to hit (unless you expect to hit a 400+ yard drive haha).

Another helpful feature is the measurements are portrayed in 1/10 yardage increments giving you an even more exact distance to the target.

For example, if you stand at the 150 yard marker you may expect the hole in the center of the green to be 150 yards. But this rangefinder will give an exact distance like 150.8 yards for example.

The Pro NX7 is the more deluxe range finder model than it’s counterpart, the Nexus model, which we review next. It’s more deluxe in that it comes with a 2 year warrant, trade in allowance, battery replacement, support from the company, and more as part of what they dub “precision care package”

In addition to some of these key features, you should also be aware that this range finder does not have slope capabilities. However, there is a pro version that does come with slope reading if you need this feature but it may be outlawed for tournament play.

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Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder

The Precision Pro Golf Nexus is a lot similar to the Pro NX7 we reviewed above, with range up to 400 yards and extreme accuracy.

One of the differentiating features is its Advanced Target Lock Function to ensure you lock onto the flag for accurate yardages. This will boost your confidence when trying to determine club selection prior to hitting your golf shot.

It also has 6X magnification and also displays the yardages in 1/10 of a yard increments and displayed as decimals, for example, 174.3 yards.

This rangefinder also does not offer a slope feature, but again, you can upgrade to the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro model here.

Battery life should last several months thanks to a 3 Volt battery and this rangefinder comes with a 1 year warranty.

Check the price of the Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPro 500 Rangefinder

The first feature that differentiates the TecTecTec VPro 500 from other rangefinders is its long range capability. This rangefinder will shoot targets up to 550 yards away.

Holding a rangefinder still long enough to hit the target can be problem for most people, so the TecTecTec VPro 500 also features a continuous scan mode to help the rangefinder find and focus on the target.

It also has Pinsensor Technology, which helps the VPro 500 focus on just the pin and not accidentally shoot another target behind it like a tree or hill. It can be stressful trusting most rangefinders that you hit the pin target, but you won’t need to worry with the VPro 500 Pinsensor Technology.

Lastly, the VPro 500 offers a “through the lends display” which when you look into the lens you’ll see very clear, multi layered numbers and graphics appear on the screen. They are also large enough to easily see if you have poor eye sight.

In addition to the technology features, this rangefinder has long battery life, is lightweight, and easily portable thanks to it’s smaller, more compact size.

Check the price of the VPro 500 Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

bozily rangefinder

The Bozily is another great rangefinder you can find under $200, making it a budget friendly option while providing great features.

This rangefinder offers 4 modes, 6X magnification, a 7 degree field angle, and measures up to a proclaimed “900 yards” which seems far and unnecessary for golf but cool none the less.

As far as the 4 scan modes, here’s the breakdown:

  • Mode 1 – General mode gives you the space distance between you and the point you shoot plus angle measurement
  • Mode 2 – shows you the angle and slope adjusted distance between you and the flag to account for uphill and downhill golf shots
  • Mode 3 – shows vertical and horizontal measurement
  • Mode 4 – Speed Mode will show speed ranging from 20 to 300 KM/Hour

Looking through the lens you’ll see data displayed on a crystal clear LCD display. Battery life and yardages are present when looking into the lens and battery life is good for several months.

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