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Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review 2021

In today’s guide we will review the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer which is making waves in the golf industry as one of the best golf swing analyzers on the market right now. And if you’re not sure what a golf swing analyzer is to begin with, don’t worry, we cover that too below shortly.

The main reason Zepp is standing out above the competition is that the system is easy to use and easy to understand. Zepp presents information in a way beginners can understand and the feedback it provides you can greatly help your golf swing and help in creating an effective swing improvement plan.

Let’s dive into the full review of the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer which can be found on Amazon as well as many 4 and 5 star reviews if you care to browse through them before purchasing.

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What is a Swing Analyzer?

A swing analyzer is a device that leverages a wide range of technology to study and examine your golf swing. The device then relays this information back to you, so that you can clearly see which areas of your golf swing need improvement for the benefit of your overall game.

The device is basically a sensor that you can attach on your glove or on your club each time that you are practicing or playing.

The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer is one of the best swing analyzers currently found on the market. The following is a review of this product, and the features that make it prolific when it comes to measuring and analysing golfers’ swings.

zepp 2 golf swing analyzer

How does the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Work?

The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer works by capturing, and measuring your swing, and then providing a 3 dimensional evaluation of the most critical aspects of your swing.

Parameters that this analyzer measures include the backswing length, club speed, tempo, and club plane of each of your swings.

The technology provides you with instant reports with comprehensive evaluation of all of these parameters. You should use this feedback to identify your weak spots while swinging that could be dragging your game down.

In addition, this feedback should help you determine the best way to structure your training based on the areas that need improvement.

Furthermore, the Smart Coach provides you with tailor-made training programs based on the data collected and analysis conducted on your swings.

These customized trainings have been developed by industry experts, tour instructors, as well as top rated players to help you play better much faster.

Main Features of the Zepp Swing Analyzer

3D Swing Tracker and Analyzer

The main feature of this analyzer is the 3D recording and measurement of all of the essential swing components. You are able to review these measurements from any angle in 360 degree giving you a visually clearer understanding of different aspects of your swing.

This wholesome picture provided will help you see clearly where it is your swing might be failing your game.

Auto-video capture

The Auto-Video Capture records each swing to give you an opportunity to watch yourself later, and compare the results from the analysis to actual footage of your swing. This is essential in ensuring that you are not repeating the same mistakes in every swing. It also ensures that you adopt smarter swing strategies faster.

Instant Feedback

Zepp provides you with instant feedback after each swing so that you can see the areas that need improvement. After evaluating a couple of your swings, and analysing numerous data points, the software will be able to establish the most effective training program for you. This information is provided to you immediately the analysis is done allowing you to act on the information immediately while still on the course.

Smart Coach

With the Smart Coach feature, you do not need to guess which program best suites your particular training needs. This feature avails to you customized training programs based on your weaknesses, with the aim of improving your game within the shortest time possible.

These training programs are designed by the best minds in the business including players from PGA and LPGA tours, and expert tour instructors.

With Smart Coach, you can view your progress in real time, and share this information with all of your followers on your preferred social media handles.

Based on the analysis of your five swing metrics, this feature allows you to adjust your goals incrementally, until you begin swinging like an actual pro. This capability is important as it helps you to raise your swinging prowess from your current level using all the right, progressive strategies.

Improvement Tracker

The Zepp swing analyzer will test your swing after every customized lesson. This way, you will be able to track your improvement in real time, and put more focus on any mistakes that you are routinely making.

Zepp for Coaches

Aside from players, coaches can find Zepp to be extremely useful in helping them provide the best instructions to their charges. With Zepp, the coaches are able to effectively manage their players, track individual improvement, develop superior training programs, and demonstrate to the players their swings in 3D.


You can connect the Zepp sensor to any device of your choice using Bluetooth as long as the device is Bluetooth enabled. Once connected, you will be able to send files of your footage to the device from the sensor. You can review these files later or periodically in order to assess your progress.

In addition, you can log into the app using any smart device of your choice, and view your swings and stats directly on the app.


This Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer comes with two 3-axis gyroscopes that are used in the measurement of your swing’s angular velocity, and orientation.

This swing analysis tool also features a pair of accelerometers that measure the acceleration of each of your swings.


Once charged fully, the battery can last up to 8 hours before needing a recharge. It takes at most 1.5 hours for the battery to fully charge.


The sensor is quite compact making it easily portable while practicing at the range. You can easily move with it on your hand, or attached to the golf club throughout the golf course without it impeding your movement or your swing.

In addition, its portability ensures that it accurately collects all the pertinent information regarding your swing each time. No need for adjustments in order to make recording and measuring possible. Each swing is accurately captured without any interference, and the processed information is reported back to you instantly.

Customer Support

The Zepp technical support team responds to customer queries with immediacy and urgency. You can reach them at anytime 24/7 using the email address or phone number provided on the company website.

Why You Should Try the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

You should definitely use the Zepp 2 golf swing analyzer if you are looking to improve your golf swing within a short period. The 3D analysis, and HD recording of your every swing provides you with the critical information you need to swing better in every practice round, and in every game you play.

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