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Zero Friction GPS Golf Glove Review

For years, ZeroFiction has worked hard to ensure golfers get the best golf balls and other golfing accessories. Due to this dedication, they have managed to come up with a brand new technology in golf rangefinders by introducing a fantastic Distance Pro Glove.

According to ZeroFiction, the Pro GPS Glove is made with premium quality Cabretta leather glove with a removable GPS Devise.

The glove weighs less than a half-pound, and the GPS will give you the accurate distance to the front, center, and back of the green.

The Distance Pro GPS Glove is new to golfing so we must put it out there to see how it’s going to perform.

From the first impression, this product looks impressive right out of the box. The Universal tidy look makes it stretch nicely to fit your hand, displaying a quality golfing tech.

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The Glove – Review

The glove incorporates all the comfort a golfer will need in a busy practice session. The one size fits all with compression-fit technology seems to be doing an amazing job to ensure comfort.

The Cabretta leather is soft and lightweight, and the spandex fabric sessions give it the breathability needed. It stretches perfectly making you feel like you’re just on a second skin.

However, if you have to play on a rainy day, it will be a little disappointing. The fabric section is will no doubt get your hands wet, making it slippery.

The durability of the glove is not promising either. If you’re not a regular golfer, then you’ll probably use it for a couple of months.

However, if you intend to take it out every single day, then it’s not going to serve you long enough.

The fabric section also stains easily. If you want a one-off purchase, then this will not be the best option since you’ll need to spend some extra pounds doing replacements.

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The GPS inside the Glove

You will be impressed with the size of the GPS once you put your glove on. The screen is very clear, making it easy for you to read.

You can easily adjust your distance forward and backward using the two big buttons located underneath the screen.

The device has an excellent battery-saving feature where it automatically switches itself off when idle. You can use the simple wake up buttons to switch it back on.

The accuracy of your yardage reading is commendable because the GPS keeps adjusting itself as you move towards the hole.

The screen is bright enough to enable you to read the yardage of the green to the front, middle and back, giving you clear information on the hole number and the par.

It comes with an added ‘Chip Mode’ feature where the front and back yardage disappears when you’re within a range of 30 yards to the green.

It will show adjust middle yardage hence giving you accurate calculations to help you get the ball closer to the greens. The Velcro strap works well to secure the device in position.

The App

ZeroFiction Distance Pro App is the best aspect of this product. It is easy to use and will guarantee incredible user experience.

The app and Bluetooth connectivity are very easy. You simply need to turn your phone’s Bluetooth on, load the app, and press pair.

You then tap the device button, and you will see a connecting screen. In less than 30 minutes, you will see the map of the course with the yardages shown on the screen.

The app also comes with incredible features like enabling you to see how far it would be to reach a hazard, use a timer in the corner to track your pace, track your shots or use the low-energy mode to save battery power.


  • Lightweight and good looking app
  • Great innovation
  • Sleek looking GPS
  • Clear and easy to read screen


  • You will have to replace the glove after a short period
  • You cannot use it on none ZeroFiction gloves
  • The glove needs more grip

The Verdict – Zero Friction Golf Gloves Review

ZeroFiction should consider using a more durable glove for the device. Apart from that, other features are perfect.

It comes with a clever design and a good app. The features are worth your money and you should consider giving it a try if you don’t mind replacing the gloves.

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