10 Healthy Golf Course Snacks (Easy On-Course Nutrition)

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite 10 healthy golf course snacks I recommend you check out as an energy option during your golf practice sessions and rounds of golf. These are easy on course snack ideas to help you stay energized.

We need energy, especially during a 4-5 hour golf round so these snacks are small and compact to pack away in your golf bag or in a lunch pale to take with your for the day.

Ideally, you want a healthy mix of carbs, fats, and protein to provide the energy. There is a variety of options below so you can pick what suits your taste-buds and personal preference.

Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Golfers

RxBar – Protein Bar. Variety Pack – 8 Count

RXBARs are whole food protein bars made with egg whites, dates, nuts and natural ingredients like 100% cacao or blueberries to provide added taste and texture. This is a great healthy snack option for golfers to store in your golf bag and pull out mid round to get an energy boost for the back nine.

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Chef’s Cut Real Steak Jerky

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co. is redefining your favorite protein snack, hand-cutting premium meats and smoking them to tender perfection.

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Crispy Green Natural Freeze-Dried Fruits, Fruit Variety Pack – 16 Count

  • Pure, Tasty, Guilt-Free Snacking
  • No added sugar*, cholesterol, additives or preservatives. Just fruit.
  • No Sugar Added: Picked from the fields, cleaned, cut and freeze-dried.
  • No additives, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free makes it a perfect snack for all ages.
  • Light & Delicious: A crispy, scrumptious taste, no fat or cholesterol and less than 60 calories in each pouch.

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CraveBox – Healthy Snacks Care Package (30 Count)

30 count hand-picked variety snack pack to satisfy those nutritious cravings on the golf course. Enough variety for the whole family to enjoy. Nutritious, healthy, and tasty at the same time! Great if you’re on a diet or health conscious.

The healthy golf snacks include:

  • Fruit snacks,
  • Granola bars,
  • Popcorn
  • Veggie sticks,
  • Fig Bars

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Planters Nuts Variety Pack – 24 count

A variety pack of different types of peanuts include cashews, regular salted, and honey roasted. Get your healthy calories and protein while on the golf course.

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Seapoint Farms Sea Salt Dry Roasted Edamame 27 oz

Edamame is a good option for protein. It’s a vegan food but you’ll still love it if you normally don’t eat vegan.

Dry Roasted Edamame is perfect golf course snack with nutritious soybeans that are dried and processed to preserve their nutrients, making them a great way for vegans and vegetarians to get the protein they need

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Orchard Valley Harvest Antioxidant Mix

Another great trail mix allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste of Orchard Valley’s antioxidant mix made with almonds, dried sweetened cranberries and blueberries, cashews, and pepitas and feel nourished and satisfied.

Small snack bags make this easy to grab and go for a golf course snack.

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Jack’s Beef Jerky Links – Protein Lunch Packs

Beef jerky for on the go. Made into 5 different packs per box, this is an affordable and easy way to consume protein. Get mid round calories and protein to help fuel your golf swing and your brain which will start to wear down during a 4 hour golf round.

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KIND Bars Variety Pack – 12 Count

Kind bars are finely crafted from the highest quality whole nuts and nature’s most delicious spices. Each seemingly indulgent recipe provides all natural protein, fiber and only 5g of sugar (or less). And nothing artificial.

You’ll get a good mix of healthy carbs for energy, protein for the brain and muscles, as well as healthy fats.

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That concludes today’s top 10 healthy golf course snacks we recommend adding to your shopping list. I love to buy these in bulk and store them in the laundry room cabinets to reload my golf bag when it gets low.

I’ll usually eat a healthy snack before my round for initial energy and then I’ll snack during my round to keep it going. If you ever have experienced fatigue during your round, this could be a sign you need to keep eating as well drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated!

In addition to these snack options, next you should check out our golf practice routines that you can follow and see improvement in your game after completing each.

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