ping i210 golf irons review

Ping i210 Irons Review (4 Reasons to Buy)

Ping i210 Irons Review

The Ping i210 irons are the replacement for i200 coming with a softer and more consistent feel than its predecessor.

While it’s obvious that a game improvement iron is likely to come with a lot of changes and improvements, the i210 iron still blends the look of iBlade with the forgiveness of i200 to come up with a high performing and beautiful club golfers will love.

The amount of forgiveness in this compact iron together with an improved feel makes it one of a kind. Here’s the full review..

Ping i200 Iron Features


The i210 irons come with a much cleaner look at address, straighter toe, and crisper edges than its predecessor the i200. It comes with a thin topline, a compact blade length and modest offset that appeal to many aspiring players.

The shorter irons come with muscle back look with a smaller cavity, compact look, and less offset. It comes with a more refined edge that feels classy through the turf blending well with the Hydropearl 2.0 finish.

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Ping i200 Feel and Sound

If you’ve had your hands on both i200 and i210, you’ll attest to the fact that i210 feels a lot softer with a more muted sound. The difference is not huge though, in fact, you’ll notice it if you paid closer attention.

The impact gives nothing more than a soft thud. It is very quiet indeed, which is the pride of every golfer. You will get very little feedback of mishits, but of course, you’re going to sense if you’ve achieved a pure strike or not.

The added hydropearl 2.0 finish together with the sole camber makes it feel much quicker through the turf.

Ping i200 Performance

In terms of performance, the i210 is one of Ping’s iron’s that offers great forgiveness. Even if you happen to miss the sweet spot by a fair margin, it will surprise you with decent accuracy to help you still hit greens in regulation.

Apart from forgiveness, the i210 is also a consistent iron. Even if you were to repeat your swings over and over, you’d still see the same shot shape and distance.

The iron also features a slight reduction in spin, a good height and decent landing angle which is meant to help you gain more distance without compromising on control.

Ping i210 mid and long irons are a little longer than you expect. This means they will give you a long distance on quality ball strikes.

As compared to i500, the i210 golf iron set comes with weaker lofts with shorter shafts in their 3-6 irons with the biggest gap between them being the forgiveness.

Ping i200 Verdict

If you’ve been a fan of Ping golf irons for a while, then you must know that the i-series are incredible golf clubs to play with.

The i210 raises the bar even further by combining great looks, wonderful feel and as much forgiveness as every player should expect from an improved iron.

Along with the consistency and the great distance, the i210 is no doubt what you should look for in your next set of golf irons.

Ping i200 Price

Check out the Price of the Ping i200 Irons on Amazon

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