14 Offensive Golf Terms

14 Offensive Golf Terms Golfers Say

If you need a good laugh today and have a sense of humor, here are 14 slightly offensive golf terms..


We pulled these from around the web and do not take credit for inventing them. If you are easily offended, this is a good chance to click the back button.

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The Top 14 Offensive Golf Terms

  1. Always trying to come from behind
  2. Safe, but didn’t feel good
  3. Shaved the hole
  4. Too much wrist
  5. From one bunker to another
  6. The ball was nowhere to be found (Bad Father Joke)
  7. Handicap
  8. Stiff shaft
  9. Get in the fucking hole
  10. Short, left, and ugly (Hilary Clinton)
  11. Hit a wall and die (Dale Earnhardt…RIP to this all time great)
  12. Lost it in the tall grass
  13. Got away with one
  14. Over clubbed


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