Golf with Friends App Review

Golf with Friends App Review

One of my new favorite apps to play is Golf with Friends. Golf With Friends is available in the Google App store for Android devices which makes it easy to install for most users. If you have an iOS device, there is a similar app called Golf Clash.

What is Golf With Friends?

According to the app description you get to “Play mini golf with your friends, realtime multiplayer, local network games, duels, new ball skins, new ball trails and mini golf offline mode included.”

My description of Golf with Friends, however, is get ready to have a lot of fun laughing with your friends!

This mini golf game gives you 18 holes of trying to play putt putt on challenging courses and comes packed with features. One feature is the random golf ball skins which can turn the ball into a cube shape, for example.

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YouTube Preview of Golf with Friends (via Mini Ladd)

Favorite Features of Golf with Friends App

For starters I like how you can pick from a variety of golf courses and the course designs are really interesting. As you saw in the video above they played a pink golf course. LOL. What?


The graphics are pretty cool and the courses are challenging, making you go off ramps, through windmills, and other crazy designs you wish you could find in real life putt putt courses.

It also makes it a lot of fun that you’re playing with your friends. You’ve got a timer on each hole forcing you all to play fast which can create some funny moments as well.

To hit the golf ball, you have a stick (line) on the screen you pull backward to make it bigger, giving you more power like a pool stick on the pool apps. There is a power bar in the lower left corner as well to help you gauge your distance vs power.

How to Download Golf with Friends

Just visit the Google App store on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer and search for “Golf with Friends.” The app screen should look like this.


Then just click the big green INSTALL button to begin downloading it. It’s still considered Early Access where they are adding features and working out issues with the app to make it better.

The cost is only $6 which isn’t bad for all the fun you’re about to have playing mini golf on a whole new level. Consider it like going to play mini golf in real life except you pay the $6 once and that’s it!

Round up some friends and go check this app out. Golf with Friends is becoming the new hot golf app to play so jump on the trend early.

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