taylormade original one mini review

TaylorMade Original One Fairway Wood Review

TaylorMade Original One Fairway Wood Review

2019 marks the 40th year of TaylorMade golf and to celebrate this huge milestone TaylorMade is going throwback to their original metal wood they created in 1979. They’ve released a new “mini driver” called the Original One Mini that is a fairway wood / driver.

Available as of May 1st, 2019, the TaylorMade Original One has an original retail price of $399, and comes in 13.5 degress loft which is also adjustable.

You can purchase it with the standard 43.75″ Mitsubishi Diamana F Limited Shaft in either Regular or Stiff flexes, and with a Golf Pride MCC Decade grip.

Here is a photo from Golf.com showing what the 2019 mini driver design looks like on the sole of the club.


A Mutli Use Golf Club

This new 2019 Original One mini driver is being designed with features from TaylorMade’s history as well as their newest technologies. This combo packs multi-use into the golf wood so that it can be used off the tee as well as from the fairway.

In fact, here’s a quote from Tomo Bystedt who is the Senior Director at Product Creation for the TaylorMade Golf Brand.

In 1979, golf was changed forever with the introduction of the Pittsburgh Persimmon – the original metalwood. For the past 40 years, TaylorMade has continued that legacy of innovation with game-changing technologies, engineered to help golfers perform at their best. The Original One Mini Driver incorporates the heritage of innovation with key performance technologies, packed into a confidence-inspiring shape that delivers on distance, forgiveness and accuracy.

Specs & Features

The Original One Mini comes standard with a 275cc head size which for comparison is smaller than the typical driver which has a 460cc head. However, the smaller head size is the whole entire goal and focus of this club as TaylorMade attempted to build a club that fits between a fairway wood and driver so you get the benefits of both.

The club head is a new tri-material construction (3 different materials. These include the carbon composite crown which looks amazing and is used in their M series of woods. They also used a 50g steeo sole plate (bottom side of the club) and the body is built of titanium.

As a result, this club produces longer distance, while still being accurate and forgiving like a fairway wood. The center of gravity has been lowered to help with higher ball launch making it an easier club to play for most golfers and beginners.

You’ll also enjoy the adjustability of the Original One Mini. It comes with an adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to alter its loft 2 degrees both up and down from the original 13.5 loft that comes standard.

TaylorMade also included its modern technologies, both Inverted Cone and Twist Face, into the Original One Mini.

Inverted Cone technology creates fast ball speed off the face of this fairway metal, including balls struck off center on the face.

Twist Face technology helps the club perform with better accuracy so your golf shots fly straighter and stay in the fairway easier compared to other woods / drivers.

Who Should Buy the Original One?

If you’re wondering if this golf club is for you or not, TaylorMade built it as a 40th anniversary celebration gift with the intention of making the club use-able by anyone. It’s a great option for beginners, mid-handicappers, as well as advanced level golfers.

Beginner’s will especially like this club because of the long distance off the tee while feeling like you’re swinging a fairway wood, which also provides you with the accuracy you get when swinging a wood off the tee.

More advanced golfers will like this golf club because of it’s ability to hit off the fairway. Normally, hitting driver off the deck is challenging with bigger bulky, low lofted drivers.

With the Original One Mini, you’re getting a hybrid style club that allows you to hit driver off the deck but feels like a fairway wood and provides the easy launch thanks to the low center of gravity helping the ball get up off the turf.

So overall, if you’re looking for a new driver / fairway wood that gives you more forgiveness, consider TaylorMade’s Original One Mini that has released in 2019.

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