2019 Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Review

2019 Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Tech Shot Review

The Big Bertha 2019 Hybrid by Callaway features Jailbreak technology as well as a Hyper Speed Face Cup. Below we will explain further what that means for you as a golfer and how it benefits your golf game.

The reason we are writing today’s review and recommending the 2019 Big Bertha Hybrid Tech Shot is because I was quite impressed after trying it at demo day and believe it’s a great hybrid club option for mid-handicappers and beginners.

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Big Bertha Hybrid Features & Benefits

Long Distance and Fast Ball Speeds

Jailbreak technology imports two “jail bars” as I like to call them into the backside of the club face to help stiffen the body of the club. It connects the crown and sole of the face making it stiffer overall, less vibration and flex internally.

This helps place more impact load on the face to create faster ball speeds and longer distances. It’s a innovative technology that Callaway has used in their drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons to help golfers achieve better distance while maintaining excellent feel and control.

Hyper Speed Face Cup = Fast Ball Speeds

The Hyper Speed Face Cup is a wraparound face to create better ball speeds over a larger area. This means even on off-center hits, the clubhead still produces faster ball speeds than normal.

A lot of credit can be given to the Hyper Speed Face Cup but it wouldn’t be as effective without its counterpart, ultra thin, carpenter 455 steel face that is very fast to help deliver faster ball speeds.

New OptiFit Hosel

In addition to improved distance, you’ll love the feel and launch the golf hybrid produces. Hybrids are known for launching the ball higher and being easier to hit than fairway woods.

On the 2019 Big Bertha Hybrid, you’ll enjoy easier launch from its new OptiFit Hosel. This adds adjustability to the club so you can set the loft that fits the ball flight you’re looking for.

The new hosel system is lighter and shorter which saves weight in the golf club. Callaway repositioned the weight savings to better optimize the center of gravity which is now deeper in the club head.

This helps the Big Bertha Hybrid generate easy, high launching, long flying golf shots.

Easier to Hit for Beginners

Additionally, the new Big Bertha 2019 Hybrid features a progressive head shape which golfers are finding more forgiving and more appealing.

This head shape also helps give the hybrid a high MOI (moment of inertia) which basically means less face twisting at impact. This helps the golf ball start off straighter, making the end result a much happier outcome for golfers.

Should You Buy the 2019 Big Bertha Hybrid?

We would recommend it. I think you’ll see after taking a few swings that it feels easy to swing and the contact with the golf ball feels smooth. The sound is also appealing and not annoying.

Launch feels pretty effortless but you’ll have to try for yourself to see. As someone who normally doesn’t get great launch on their woods/hybrids, I was satisfied with the ball flight I was seeing when trying the Big Bertha Hybrid.

You can learn more about the specs, reviews and price on Amazon which is where we recommend buying from.

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