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3 Simple Golf Tips for Women (Ladies Guide to Better Golf)

3 Simple Swing Tips for Women (Ladies Guide to Better Golf)

In today’s guide for women golfer’s we get back to the basics of the golf swing and share a few simple tips you can focus on first to improve your swing. There are many aspects to a golf swing and there is so much information out there that it can get overwhelming.

Let’s keep it super simple today and review 3 key areas to focus your attention on first to make improvement to your golf swing.

Here are the 3 women’s golf swing tips we have for beginners and women new to the game of golf.

Best Swing Tips for Women

Tip #1: Proper Golf Grip

The very first tip on our list of women’s golf tips today is perfecting your golf grip. It’s a fundamental skill you must develop to progress your golf game forward.

There isn’t one correct grip however. Everyone has a specific type of grip that fits their swing style best.

For example, you can connect your hands using the interlock grip, the overlap grip, or the baseball grip. All 3 are effective even though you may hear the baseball grip as an incorrect grip for a golfer.

Video Instruction: Click here to see this video on 3 grip types for golf

In addition to how you choose to connect your hands, you also need to choose your off-set. Are your hands going to be in a neutral grip position on the golf club or are you going to prefer the draw bias grip or fade bias grip?

If you slice, you may try to off-set it by moving to a more draw bias golf grip. If you hook or draw too much you may want to shift your grip more neutral or weaker with fade bias.

Video Instruction: Click to watch a video on proper golf grips for draws, fades, neutral grip

Tip #2: Proper Golf Stance

One of the major power moves you can make to increase the distance you hit the golf ball is adjusting your stance!

Women golfers tend to hit shorter distances than men but if you learn to use your legs to power the golf swing, you can achieve some comparable distances off the tee.

A golf stance power move you can make involves widening your stance more than normal. Wide stances have proven to help you generate more clubhead speed and power from the ground up utilizing your lower body to create torque with your upper body.

Most women golfers find a comfortable stance to be about shoulder width apart but you can increase it from there and test to see if you notice more distance as a result.

Tip #3: Improve the Golf Swing Takeaway

Another quick golf tip to help you improve your golf swing is to perfect your takeaway.

If you have a tendency to pick the club up too quickly in the back swing this can lead to steep golf swings with less control. You’re also more prone to digging and chunking the ball.

Instead think of sweeping the golf ball off the ground.

Start your take away as if you were pushing a golf ball backwards with the backside of your golf club.

You can also set a golf ball down behind your club at address and push it away to actually simulate the feeling of keeping the club low and back to start your swing.

Thanks for checking out these 3 beginner level golf swing tips for ladies golfers. If you’d like a practice plan to follow with proven drills and routines to improve your short game and golf swing, check out these options below:

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