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3 Swing Speed Tips for Hitting Longer Drives

Tip #1: Generate Lag During the Downswing

Lag is simply turning back, taking your backswing, and as you start that downswing the club lags behind your hands as you swing down towards the ball.

At the last second, you’ll release the club and this built up lag gets released, creating tremendous speed as the clubhead whips forward toward the golf ball.

The club head catches back up to the hands at last second and comes into contact with the golf ball at about the same time as the hands are coming through the hitting zone, creating a vertical shaft angle at impact. Imagine a line from the golf club head to your shoulder. Your arm and club shaft will be forming a straight line.

Work on the release. Once you master lag and timing with the release to let go of all that built up energy, you’ll see and feel these more powerful drives.

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Tip #2: Fitness – Build Strong Legs & Core

Your legs are what help create power in the golf swing. Using mostly your upper arms instead of a combo of legs and arms, is likely costing you distance.

Keep the legs stabilized and grounded to help create this coil effect as your upper body turns back. Once your shoulders get to a full turn, you’ll feel twisted up or coiled up.

On the downswing, you’ll release the coil and power gets transferred through the golf swing creating great speed with your club.

To work on leg strength for a powerful golf swing, check out various articles we have written on golf fitness. Find a leg workout plan that builds strength and stick to it for awhile and you’ll start to see progress in your swing speed.

Tip #3: Improper Grip Is Costing You Distance

A poor grip can impact how well you are making contact with the golf ball. Your ball striking could be suffering do to an improper grip.

Another fault that can happen is having trouble with your release mechanics due to an improper grip of the club.

Having the correct grip, can make hinge and releasing the club much easier and more effective for generating speed in the swing.

Grip pressure is also important to monitor. Don’t grip too tightly or too loose. Find a nice neutral grip pressure.

You may find that as you try to swing faster and harder with more power, this causes you to grip the club tighter and tighter, often with too much grip pressure. This actually can slow your golf swing speed down if gripping too tightly.

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