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7 Iron Challenge – Golf Drills for Beginners

Welcome to my latest golf blog if you’re new here! Today I have an exciting golf game or golf challenge I love to play at the golf course.

It’s called the 7 iron challenge and I’m sure you could guess what’s going to happen

You’re going to play a 9 hole round of golf using only your 7 iron! Crazy right?

But it’s so much fun. Especially when you get to the Par 5 holes and have to take 3 amazing golf swings to get the ball to the green or else you risk needing a 4th shot.


If you don’t like challenges (like this one) or you see yourself as someone who would get mad out on the course, then maybe this challenge isn’t for you.

Here are some of the key benefits to playing the 7 Iron Golf Challenge:

  • You get to work on hitting new clubs off the tee instead of always smashing your driver
  • Your tee shots will be straighter and end up in more fairways if you’re a good 7 iron player
  • You build course management skills as you have to cautiously think about every hole and shot
  • You’ll cut down penalty strokes thanks to a straighter ball flight
  • Your short game will be challenged as you attempt to use a 7 iron for chip shots and pitching

One thing to note is that when you get onto the green, you should still use your putter! Don’t try putting with your 7 iron.

Overall, try this challenge out and post your results below in the comment section. You’ll be surprised by your results.

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My Experience with the 7 Iron Golf Challenge

During your typical 9 hole round of golf you will face 2 Par 5’s, 2 Par 3’s, and 5 Par 4’s. Par will be 36 strokes.

If you hit every green in regulation, you’ll have 18 golf swings, and 18 putts along with a 36 as your score.

Now that we’ve broken down the math you can see that 18 is your swing count to strive for when completing the 7 iron challenge.

During my last round of golf when I did this challenge I had 23 swings and 17 putts, scoring a 4 over par 40. Not too bad right?

I struggled most on Par 3’s because of the awkward distances, 120 yards and 175 yards. I typically hit my 7 iron around 155 yards so for the shorter par 3 I had to choke down and make a less than full swing.

The longer par 3 I was left with a short pitch shot using the 7 iron which got on the green successfully and then two putted for my bogey.

On Par 5 holes, the 7 iron challenge isn’t too bad.

Again, I hit about 155 yards but typically further on drives so I was able to almost reach the green on a 500 yard par 5 in 3 swings. I did however chip the ball close on the 4th shot and came away with par.

My other par 5 ended in a bogey.

Overall, it’s a really fun challenge. I hit 4/7 fairways but my 3 misses weren’t too bad considering I don’t spray the 7 iron very far off line.

I look forward to hearing of your results below in the comments!

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