adidas tour 360 eqt boa golf shoe

Adidas Tour360 EQT Boa Golf Shoe Review

Adidas Tour360 EQT Boa Golf Shoe Review

Adidas Tour 360 has for many years been the choice of many golfers on the PGA Tour.

This has contributed greatly to most golfers love for Adidas golf shoes and to keep their fans more interested; it has introduced a cutting edge technology in their Tour360 to come up with the Tour360 EQT BOA model.

True to what they predicted the Primeknit technology to this flagship shoe had carried Adidas name even higher as many players have accepted the shoe thanks to its breathability nature which enhances performance and comfort.

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With the Primeknit technology, the entire upper part of the shoe is created with just a piece as opposed to most shoes whose uppers are constructed with different pieces.

This allows the perfect amount of flexibility and support needed to come up with the most comfortable golf shoe.

Even though the upper part of the show is made with a knitted material, it’s still completely waterproof thanks to the advanced techniques used.

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The 50/50 PROTECT is added around the lower half of the upper part for protection against morning dew.

The upper part of the Primeknit sits on the full-length BOOST and the puremotion TPU outsole. It also offers additional stability in the mid-foot and the TORSION TUNNEL connecting the heel and the forefoot for more control and flexibility.

The TOUR360 EQT BOA golf shoe joins the TOUR360 knit to perfect the shoe even further.

While the BOA technology is nothing new to Adidas shoes, this model allows for tightening on both the mid-foot and the heel of the shoe hence setting it apart from other models.

The IP1 push-and-pull system enables players to have a customized fit with a greater locked-in feeling. You only need to dial in your foot shape, and it will keep you locked-in throughout the round.

The combination of Primeknit and BOA technology comes up with a shoe with a mixture of style and functionality to meet every golfer’s desire for a comfortable shoe.

Other performance features include the full-length BOOST cushioning for added comfort, the TPU top plate for stability and the puremotion TPU outsole for improved stability.

The knit material and the sock liner make the shoe appear so cozy. The microfiber heel lining material ensures additional durability while giving the shoe a contemporary look.

It also comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

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