callaway apex cf 16 irons

Callaway Apex CF 16 Black Irons Review

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons Review

The Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons are in the elite group when it comes to best golf irons on the market. And they certainly carry the price tag as well but it’s justified by their performance.

The hi-tech forged irons are beautifully designed, especially with this matte black finish. Just looking at the photo below you’ll sense these as smooth aesthetically and professionally designed irons for tour pro’s.

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Apex Irons – Design & Look

callaway apex black irons review

The Apex CF16 irons feature a multi-material head made up of six individual pieces based around a 1025E Forged Carbon Steel body and a 17-4 Stainless steel face that is supported by various TPU, TPE and aluminium parts to improve the sound and feel.

The face of the Apex CF 16 irons uses Callaway’s Cup Face design from their metal woods. This is why the irons are called “CF” in their name to stand for Cup Face technology that has been instituted in the 3 iron through 7 iron.

By using Cup Face technology, Callaway has moved the weld line behind the front of the club which enables the face to flex more.

And what’s the benefit of more face flex? More ball speed.

It also makes the irons more forgiving, which is helpful especially since the 3 iron, 4 iron, and 5 iron are usually the toughest clubs in the bag to control.

Another design feature you’ll notice is that the sole has a rounded rear edge which draws the center of gravity back a little bit to help the ball launch better with more control.

At address, you won’t notice this change visually however, the 4 iron is a little more pronounced but still subtle.

callaway mens apex cf irons review

Feel & Sound

Even though the 8 iron through pitching wedge do not have the cup face technology, feel is still exceptional through the entire iron set. When you hit it pure, it feels smooth and buttery. I love it.

Mishits also give you feedback so you know where you hit it on the face and can make adjustments.

The Apex CF 16 irons are more forgiving than their counterpart Blades iron set. Overall, they deliver exceptional performance and feel, especially if you’re someone who hits the ball off the center of the face frequently.

Who are the Apex CF 16 Irons For?

The Apex CF 16 irons by Callaway are best suited for more advanced players who have a handicap of 10 or less. There is a blade set of these irons as well for single digit and professional golfers.

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What Lofts Are Each of the Irons in the Apex CF 16 Set?

Here is a chart of the lofts of each iron in this golf set. You can also see the length, lie angle, and offset as well.

Though the irons all look the same in the bag, the 3-7 are designed differently than the 8-AW as you’ll notice in this chart below. Callaway recognizes that players need different things in their long irons compared to their shorter scoring irons.

Callaway has engineered each iron to have a progressive offset, sole width, and CG height so that each iron does exactly what you need it to.

What Shafts Are in the Callaway Apex Iron Set?

They come with a True Temper XP95 steel shaft as standard. It is much lighter than a Dynamic Gold shaft and I think suits the club well. You can also check out the other steel and graphite options are available too.

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Overall Thoughts on the CF 16 Irons

Overall, I would grade these an A to A- rating. The long irons are easy to hit, forgiving, and high launching.  The scoring clubs produce a more penetrating trajectory and consistent distances.

I really love the look of the blacked out version of the Apex CF 16 irons but Callaway also offers a standard chrome set of clubs. The progressive offset and specialized design of each individual club is a huge plus.

And of course the 360 Cup Face technology adds the fire power to the longer irons to help you reach greens from 160-220 yards out despite mishits and off center shots.

You can check out more specs and pricing of the Callaway Apex CF 16 irons (blacked out version) on Amazon.

How Much Do the Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons Cost?

Currently you can pick up a set on Amazon for around $1,000. It’s an expensive price tag but the new CF 19 model is almost $2,000 so these are nearly have the price.

Check current prices of CF 16 Irons on Amazon

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