Best Budget Fairway Woods

Best Budget Fairway Woods On The Market

Looking for a new fairway wood but trying to stay on a budget? Golf clubs have seemingly gotten more and more expensive these days and you might be wondering is the extra cost really worth it? Will buying a new fairway wood at a high price actually result in better performance?

No worries, we’ve got you covered in today’s guide on picking out the right fairway wood while staying on a budget. These budget friendly fairway woods are selected by our team after doing tons of reviews on various golf clubs and technology in the golf club market.

In addition to buying a new fairway wood, you should check out these practice plans that will help you start hitting your fairway wood and other clubs much better. Follow the practices and see your scores improve.

Top 5 Budget Fairway Woods

#1: Callaway X Hot Fairway Wood

Callaway is one of the top brands in the golf club space and they use top of the line technology when crafting each club they put out for sale. The X Hot series was built for fast speed and more distance. It’s a great option if you want to hit longer tee shots and long fairway shots when trying to reach the green.

One feature we love is the center of gravity precision built into the club head giving you a smoother swing with consistency and less mishits. This creates more consistent launch on the golf ball so you can control ball flight more predictably.

The head shape and design is also built for forgiveness. Overall, this club features both speed and forgiveness while staying on budget to help you get access to a great fairway wood at a friendly budget price.

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#2: Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

The Epic Flash series was designed to incorporate a new flash face technology which helps golfers get more speed and distance than ever before. The 455 Carpenter Steel construction works great in combo with the flash face technology and flash face cup to ensure mishits are still getting distance. You’ll love the consistency and feel from this fairway wood.

The Epic Flash Fairway Wood is a budget friendly option that was once an expensive top of the line fairway wood. With the release of new fairway woods in recent years, the price has come down substantially allowing golfers access to this top rated fairway wood for an affordable price.

Overall, it’s built for speed but also has forgiveness to increase consistency on mishits.

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#3: Orlimar Escape Fairway Wood

One of the cheapest fairway woods on our list, this budget friendly wood can be purchased for under $60. It won’t perform as well as the Callaway and Taylormade woods but it’s still a great option for many beginner golfers looking for a cheap fairway wood alternative.

It’s built with a forgiving club shaft geared towards beginners with slower swing speeds. If you have a fast swing speed I would recommend upgrading to a TaylorMade or Callaway.

The low center of gravity makes this club very forgiving for the beginner golfer as well.

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#4: Cobra Women’s Fairway Wood

If you’re looking for a female fairway wood, this is the top choice while still staying budget friendly. The Cobra King F8 fairway wood has the baffler rail system which offers more forgiveness on contact with the ground on any lie.

An ultralight carbon crown saved weight allowing them to move around the center of gravity to the optimal location for consistency and optimal launch. You’ll appreciate the distance this club provides, especially on mishits.

The face is designed to maximize flex for improved ball speeds which equates to longer distances.

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#5: Cleveland Launcher Halo Senior Fairway Wood

For senior golfers, we picked out the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo which is one of the best fairway woods for seniors while still remaining cost friendly for budget aware golfers.

The XL head design offers a larger head size for improved confidence and contact. You’ll also notice the glide rails which are meant to help keep the face straight through impact to achieve optimal ball striking.

A rebound frame adds flexibility and rigidity giving more energy back to the golf ball which creates faster ball speed and more distance. The crown uses a Hibore Crown Step which gives better launch for seniors needing help with launch and distance.

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How To Pick The Fairway Club That Suits Your Game

Top 5 tips when buying fairway woods to make sure the club you buy suits your game and level of ability;

  • Shaft flex
  • Loft
  • Forgiveness
  • Adjustability
  • Price

Shaft Flex:

When picking out a fairway wood, you want to get fitted for shaft flex. This is a component most golfers forget to think about but highly important. Shaft flex helps generate clubhead speed but too much or too little can cost you distance on your golf shots.

If you’re a faster swinging golfer with higher clubhead speeds, then you’ll benefit from a more stiff shaft option. For most beginners the R-flex, which is “regular” should do just fine. As your swing advances above 100mph you may need a stiff shaft.


Loft is how much launch your golf ball will have. Higher lofted clubs hit the ball higher into the air and give you more control. Lower lofted clubs, like your driver, are harder to control but hit the ball further.

When picking out a fairway wood, you want to pick the loft that fills your distance gap best. If you’re struggling to hit a 180 yard shot with irons, but you hit a 5 wood 180 yards, then you may consider buying a 5 wood instead with higher loft to cover the 180 yard shot.

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Certain fairway woods are designed with high forgiveness for the average player to help your mishits not stray too far off-line. With the increase in forgiveness, the club may sacrifice distance as a result. That’s okay as long as you can keep the ball in play, which is most important. Look for a fairway wood that has lower spin as this will better suit the average amateur golfer.


Clubs built with adjustability allow you to move the face angle to open, closed, as well as increase or decrease the loft. Moving the clubface to a more open position can help you promote fade golf shots while closing the angle of the face can help promote a draw.

If you increase loft on the face, you’ll add launch for higher shots but at a cost of more backspin which could decrease roll. Decreasing loft can add more roll but lowers the launch of the ball which could cost carry distance. Finding the right balance is key.


Watch out for falling for high priced golf clubs. The performance difference you’ll achieve isn’t that much great especially for beginners. For more advanced golfers, the new technology of new clubs may help add some additional gains and advantages compared to past older club models. But don’t overspend! Be careful.

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