One Hour Golf Practice Routine

Life can get busy. Sometimes you wish you could spend more time at the golf course but the reality of your schedule is keeping you away.

Maybe there’s a compromise. Maybe there’s a way you can squeeze in a quick one hour golf practice and still get the joy of working on your golf game while being present for other life commitments.

You’ve come to the right place as we specialize in creating golf practice routines for golfers to follow and I’m excited to break down a short 1 hour golf practice routine you can follow.

How to Practice Golf If You Have Just 1 Hour

The best way to spend 1 hour is to break it up into 20 minute segments. The first 20 minutes spend hitting a small bucket of range balls, then move to the chipping area and spend 20 minutes chipping, lastly spend the final 20 minutes putting to fill out your one hour practice session.

Driving Range Practice Routine – 20 Minutes

Rather than hitting through a bucket of balls in 20 minutes without much purpose, we still want to have some structure to maximize the quality of the driving range practice session.

Start off by alternating clubs to simulate how you play golf on the golf course. Hit your driver first, trying to focus on an imaginary fairway to land the ball, using some targets on the range as boundaries to stay between.

Then give yourself a rough distance you have remaining to reach the green and switch clubs to the club that fits that distance you gave yourself. For example, a 130 yard shot to reach the green in 2 on a par 4 simulated hole.

Now hit that 130 yard club, perhaps a 9 iron, and see how close it gets to the target on the range you aimed at.

Repeat this drill, simulating 9 different holes. You’ll hit driver, then an iron. Or you’ll hit driver and then a wood. Sometimes hit wedge shots if it’s a par 5 or a long par 4 you’re simulating. Sometimes start with an iron shot and simulate like you’re playing a par 3.

If you have left over time, keep going and try to play another 9 simulated holes on the driving range. Making up yardages and pars for each hole.

Or go off the scorecard of the golf course so you can make club selection decisions similar to what you’d face on the course if you were playing it.

Resource: Foy Golf Academy Practice System (Practice Plans)

Chipping Practice Routine – 20 Minutes

Next, let’s focus for this part of the 1 hour practice session on chipping from the rough.

Using just one golf ball, since that’s how you play out on the golf course, find a distance away from the putting green to chip from such as 5 yards or 10 yards.

Pick one hole on the practice green to chip to. Go through your chipping set up routine. Hit the chip shot and try to get it to land close to the hole.

If it lands within 10 feet or less of the hole, move to a new location in the rough and chip to that same hole again. If it fails to make it within 10 feet of the hole, repeat that chip from that same spot again.

After doing this for 10 minutes or so, move close to the edge of the green and work on chipping to 3 different holes, one a short distance away from you, one hole a medium distance away, and one hole farther away on the far side of the green.

Use multiple balls for this so you can get as many reps in as possible. In the 10 minutes or so, you should be able to get a decent amount of reps in to these different distance holes, helping you hone in some distance control with your chipping wedge.

Resource: Foy Golf Academy Practice System (Practice Plans)

Putting Practice Routine – 20 Minutes

For putting you’ll start by working for 5 minutes at 3 feet from the hole. Set up a 3 foot putt with a tee in the ground and hit one putt at a time using only one golf ball. Try to make 10 putts in a row from 3 feet.

Next, set up a left breaking putt and set up a right breaking putt. Alternate back and forth hitting putts from each of these locations to practice both types of break and never hitting the same putt two times in a row.

For these breaking putts, set up the putt from 5 feet and 8 feet. Spend about 5 minutes working on the 5 foot putts and another 5 minutes on the 8 foot putts.

Use the final 5 minutes left to work on long distance putts and speed control. Using 5 balls or 10 balls, measure off a putt 40-60 feet away from the hole. Try to get each putt within 3 feet of the hole.

Feel free to use some ball markers to create this 3 foot circle around the hole to give a boundary circle to roll the putts inside of.

This will give you feedback on each putt so you can see how well you did with speed control, getting the putt to stop within a few feet of the hole.

Additional Putting Resource: How to Make More Putts from 5-10 Feet

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