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7 Best Golf Drivers to Fix a Slice

The worst nightmare of every slicer is seeing your ball go off target and then landing in the worst place ever. Unfortunately, this is a problem many amateur golfers have to deal with. Slices lose your distance and make it hard for you to score well on the golf course.

Luckily, help has come your way as there are now many golf drivers for a slice that will help correct against the slice golf swing.

If you tend to slice the golf ball, get off that annoying habit by using one of the top drivers listed below in today’s review. And also, here are a few training plan resources to consider.

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1. TaylorMade SIM MAX D-Type Driver

taylormade sim d driver

TaylorMade has never disappointed when it comes to golf drivers, and this time it has made something incredible for slicers. And if you thought this driver was meant for just for beginners, it’s not! Veteran golfers like Tiger Woods also had one in their bags.

The 2020 driver has since proven to be the longest and consistent driver to have in your golf bag.

The SIM Max D-Type is perfectly made for mid and high handicappers with the desire to hit a straight ball.

The SIM Stands for Shape in Motion which is proven by its asymmetric sole design. The design’s purpose is to reduce the aerodynamic drag on the downswing and maximize the clubhead before impact.

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Key Highlights

  • SIM MAX D-Type comes with a low center of gravity to improve forgiveness and optimize launch.
  • The club is built-in draw bias which adds to the weight of the heel and gives it a slight offset. With these features, the driver delivers an average of 12 yards on the left to right draw and a draw bias of 20 yards.
  • The divergent topline masking and the heel-bias internal weight is perfect for helping golfers avoid the right side of the course
  • It comes with speed injected twist face technology for maximum ball speed
  • The face curvature reduces sidespin, so you get much straighter shots on all off-center strikes.
  • Stop the slice habit with the driver’s 4-degree aluminum loft sleeve, which you can adjust up to 12 times. Adjust it to +/-2 degrees from the loft.
  • The golf pride Z-grip gives this driver an incredible feel.
  • The chalk-white topline and the black face give this driver an incredible SIM look at the address.

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2. Callaway Mavrik Max

Callaway Mavrix Max driver is a great improvement from the Epic Flash. This incredible driver is perfectly crafted for higher handicappers who are struggling to hit the ball straighter. This driver features two interchangeable weights, which are for MAX draw and MAX forgiveness. The long club will help you avoid that annoying banana slice.

Key Highlights

  • The face of the Mavrik Max is made with an extremely lightweight FS2S titanium perfect for ensuring maximum forgiveness, speed, and spin quality.
  • The sole and the crown have Jailbreak bars connecting them to improve ball speed.
  • The lightweight carbon crown perfectly redistributes weight to give you a higher MOI
  • This driver doesn’t disappoint when it comes to technology as it utilizes artificial intelligence to come up with a perfect titanium rib system that helps reduce slice.
  • The 14g and 2g weight are positioned on the sole, on the rear, and close to the heel. This distribution ensures maximum forgiveness and helps produce a draw.

See the full features and specs on Amazon

3. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver


The main purpose of the Cobra F-Max Airspeed driver offset is to keep you in the fairway. The club is one of the best looking on the tee with its sleek black and blue design. It also leads as the lightest driver among Cobra’s collection, only weighing 50 grams. The lightweight nature helps give you more speed and distance.

F-Max Airspeed’s offset feature enables every slicer to achieve the long-desired straight hit. According to Cobra, moderate swing speed players and slicers needed a club that gives them maximum draw bias.

They’ve managed to achieve this with the light construction both on the head and the shaft to give such players a wonderful swing. On top of that, the F-Max Airspeed offset has an improved lacer grip for comfort and consistency.

Key Highlights

  • Lightweight driver to give perfect maximum speed and distance
  • Perfect visual alignment at the address to give more confidence and straighter trajectories on the fairway
  • Offset hosel and fixed back-heel weighting to promote a straighter hit and minimize backspin
  • Back/heel weighting to reduce the slice and enhance ball flight
  • A weighty feel to ensure stability and firmness at impact

4. Cleveland Launch HB Turbo Draw

If you’re looking to hit it straighter and wondering how to do it, all you have to do is get this Launch HB Turbo Draw Driver from Cleveland. This driver features a dramatically expanded sweet spot to give you power even on mishits. The club is one of the good-looking ones you’ll find out there.

The club’s ‘Draw’ version is perfect for helping you turn over the ball and straighten it out. There’s more weight on the heel, and the offset hosel is perfect for keeping the ball on a right-to-left trajectory.

Key Highlights

  • The Turbocharged Cup Face gives it a higher COR over the impact area for increased speed and distance
  • The club features a HiBore Crown that lowers the center of gravity by 2.2mm to give you a lower center of gravity
  • The Ultralight Hosel redistributes weight lower and deeper to give players a much higher launch and forgiveness
  • Deep weighting for speed and forgiveness
  • One of the best-looking drivers with sleek black, grey and red color
  • Counterbalanced shaft design with the center of gravity towards the grip for increased head mass and MOI.

See the features and specs on Amazon + current price

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5. Mizuno ST200X Driver

When it comes to game improvement clubs, you don’t have to pay much attention to the brand but the final results. Mizuno may not be a match for the likes of TaylorMade and Callaway, but they’ve made one of the best drivers for slicers with their ST200X Driver.

The sleek look makes this club one of the best-looking drivers you can come across. Its sleek, black, and white body make ST200X driver a great club for those who pay more attention to the looks.

But the greatness of this driver doesn’t only lie in the looks. ST200X has great technology behind its makeover with the sole purpose of helping you hit it straighter.

The ST200X is a 10.5-degree driver with a super lightweight design for higher ball flight and draw bias.

Key Highlights

  • Beta Rich Forged Titanium face that increases responsiveness and gives the club a perfect feel
  • Great mid to low swing speeds for increased clubhead speed and launch angle
  • A unique head design that features more mass towards the heel for increased heel weight and a perfect draw
  • You can adjust the loft by 4 degrees with an increased upright and flatter setting. This is perfect for helping you avoid the slice.

See the full features and specs on Amazon here

Other Cheaper Alternatives to Consider

While the above drivers are the latest in the market, you can still go for cheaper options. Here are two drivers that can help you improve your slice.

6. TaylorMade M6 D-Type

This is another D-Type club suitable for those struggling to improve their slice. The draw-biased driver still performs incredibly in an easy-to-launch package. It has an open face that gives it a close face at impact.

Check out this draw focused driver here on Amazon

7. Callaway Epic Flash

Callaway Epic Flash performs just like the Mavrik driver but comes at a reduced price. It’s a perfect club for those who want to improve their slice but don’t have the money to purchase the advanced Callaway version. The club is technologically rich as it employs both artificial intelligence and jailbreak technology. All these help ensure accuracy and distance.

Check it out here on Amazon

Frequently Ask Questions for Anti Slice Drivers

What Is a Slice?

When you hit the golf ball, and it curls hard like a banana from left to right, it’ll be called a slice. Golfers tend to slice the ball when they play with a longer club and a lower loft. When left-handers hit a slice, the ball will go from right to left, while for the right-handers, it will go from left to right.

Hitting a slice means that you’re missing the sweet spot and hitting on the heel of your club instead. You’ll not be slicing the tee shot with a square clubface. You’ll be leaving the clubface open, which gives you a shot that moves to the right off the tee due to the slice spin placed on the golf ball.

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Why Do you Slice a Driver and Not Iron?

Of all the clubs, the driver tends to produce the biggest slice. Many golfers tend to avoid using drivers for this reason. The reason for this might be the design of the drivers, which makes them prone to hitting a slice than other drivers.

One main culprit can be the length of the driver. The longer the club, the more likely you’re to pull off a bad swing. Drivers are also lower lofted, with most ranging from 9 to 11 degrees of loft. The lower loft exaggerates the swing effects more leading to a bigger slice.

What Creates a Slice?

An out-to-in swing path together with an open clubface is likely to bring up a slice. Average golfers tend to have an open clubface which automatically creates a slice.

An open clubface at impact can be caused by a poor alignment, weak grip, or an improper transition from the backswing to the downswing. Avoiding a slice starts by learning how to avoid such issues.

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