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Best Stand Up Golf Bags (Light Weight Stand Bags)

If you spend hundreds of dollars on new golf clubs then you have to make sure that those clubs have a safe home to reside in. There are different types of golf bags, but if you prefer to carry your own bag when you play then purchasing a good quality lightweight golf stand bag will be best.

It’s important to make an educated decision when buying a stand bag. The following characteristics are some must have items in any stand bag.

  1. It is important for the bag to be durable and lightweight
  2. It needs to have enough storage pockets
  3. It needs to have a good club organization system.

In order to make the buying process easy and stress free let’s take a look at 3 of the best lightweight stand bags currently available on the market.

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Sun Mountain 4.5+ Stand Bag

The Sun Mountain 4.5 is an extremely lightweight golf stand bag. Sun Mountain are famous for manufacturing some of the best stand bags in the business and the Sun Mountain 4.5 is another one of those industry leaders. The Sun Mountain 4.5 ticks all the must have stand bag features.

Dynamite definitely comes in small packages, the Sun Mountain 4.5 weighs in at less that 3 pounds. The Sun Mountain 4.5 is also very durable, the legs of the stand are made out of durable carbon fibre, and the top and bottom of the bag features a strong yet lightweight plastic construction.

Golfers tend to be hoarders, thus it is vital to have a bag that has ample storage space. The Sun Mountain 4.5 features 5 pockets, these pockets include a large apparel pocket, a valuables pocket, a ball pocket with a two way zipper, and last but not least a beverage pocket is also included.

If you are planning on carrying your bag on a regular basis then it is very important to buy a bag that has a comfortable strap. The Sun Mountain 4.5 features an X-Strap system that is made out of high density foam to ensure maximum comfort for both short and long distance carries.

For the golfer that enjoys organizing their clubs the 4.5 golf bag is the way to go, it features a 4 way club organizer that will give you easy instant access to any of your clubs. For those adventurous golfers that aren’t scared of a bit of rain a rain hood is included with the 4.5 golf bag.

The Sun Mountain 4.5 is available in nine different colors, one of these stand bags will definitely be a safe yet lightweight residence for your clubs regardless if they are old or new.

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Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

ping hoofer golf bag stand

Ping are renown for making some of the best high quality golf stand bags on the market.  The Ping Hoofer is the latest high quality stand bag to join the Ping family. The Hoofer has everything and more than a golfer can ever wish for in a stand bag.

The Hoofer features a 5 way plastic reinforced top club organizer to ensure easy access to your favorite club at all times.

Comfort is key when purchasing a new stand bag, the Hoofer features an adjustable shoulder strap that is designed for comfort. The shoulder strap also features SensorCool technology, this addition further emphasizes design comfort.

The Ping Hoofer has twelve different pockets, storage definitely won’t be a problem in this bag at all. An attachable rain hood comes with the Hoofer bag, thus there is no excuse to not play when it’s rainy outside.

The Hoofer is available in five different color options so you can pick out your favorite color that suits your style.

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Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag

callaway hyper lite golf bag

Callaway is currently one of the best overall golf manufacturers in the game. From woods to irons to putters and anything else Callaway has it all.

The Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero stand bag is one of the best lightweight stand bags currently available on the market. The Hyper-Lite Zero is ultra lightweight , it weighs less than three pounds.

The Hyper-Lite Zero is also very durable, it is constructed out of a strong durable nylon fibre.

Storage is very important in any golf bag, the Hyper-Lite Zero features four pockets where one can store all the essentials that are needed out on the course. The Hyper-Lite Zero has a four way top to ensure organization and easy access to your clubs.

Why fit in when you can stand out from the crowd? The Hyper-Lite Zero can be ordered with custom logos on both the ball pocket and the side pockets.

If you are in the market for a new lightweight stand bag, look no further than the Hyper-Lite Zero stand up golf bag, it will definitely make life much easier out on the course.

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