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Best Golf Drills for Women Golfers

In this guide, I’m excited to share our favorite skill building golf drills for women golfers to practice and see improvement in your game.

There’s a mix of beginner golf drills as well as more advanced women’s golf drills to try out at golf practice.

We’ve broken them down into three categories below:

  • Golf Swing Drills
  • Chipping Drills
  • Putting Drills

Feel free to skip to a section of focus but we recommend writing down all of these golf drills and using them in your practice routine!

Find ways to alternate them as well for more of a challenge or to make them into a competitive game to simulate pressure on the golf course.

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Best Golf Swing Drills for Beginners

The Takeaway – Book Drill

This drill will train your arms to work in sync during the takeaway. You can substitute out a book for a water bottle you lay on its side.

  • Place a light weight book or a sports ball right behind your normal golf swing set up
  • Then perform the take away with your iron, pushing the book or ball backwards

Inside Square Inside Wall Drill

This will drill will help cure the swing path issue of most golfers as it forces you to learn the inside to square to inside swing path. You’ll come from the inside on the downswing to square at impact to back to the inside on the follow through.

If you have a tendency to take the club outside on the takeaway, the wall will be in the way training you to start the club straight back or slightly inside instead.

On the downswing if you are an out to in swinger the wall again is in the way forcing you to work on coming from the inside.

Drill Instructions:

  • Grab an iron from your golf bag and head inside where you have a wall and space around you to perform mini swings
  • Set up facing the wall and far enough from the wall that your club naturally sits on the ground with a just a tiny bit of space between the club head and wall
  • Then perform slow motion half back swings to half follow through

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Golf Swing Power Toss

For this drill you’ll need a weighted medicine ball. If you don’t have one then you can purchase one rather cheaply at the local sports or fitness store.

  • Once you have a med ball, find a cement wall or open space outside
  • Set up about 5 to 10 feet from the wall but turned sideways as if you were about to hit a golf into the wall
  • Holding the med ball with two hands out in front of you, turn back like you would in the back-swing and then fire through like you would on the downswing throwing the ball into the wall
  • This will build power as well as promote synchronization of your upper and lower body turn
  • If you’re outside in an open space, repeat the same process but throwing the ball out into the yard.

Weighted Golf Club Swings

This drill will build power as well as swing speed over time as it works your muscles harder than a lighter club. Proper form is important though so focus in!

  • Purchase some weighted doughnut holes from your local sports or golf shop
  • Slide one onto your golf club adding weight to it
  • Perform controlled golf swings keeping proper form

The Grip & Re-Grip Drill

During the off-season it’s important to grip the club every few days to keep the feeling. If you take a few months off of golf without gripping a club it will feel very odd the next time you hold a club again.

  • For this drill practice your grip for 25 or 50 repetitions a few days per week.
  • Grip the golf club with your perfect grip
  • Then let go of the club and repeat the process again finding the right grip position
  • Practice alternating it as well to a draw grip, fade grip, neutral grip
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Best Chipping Drills for Women to Practice

Chipping to a Towel

This drill will greatly improve your feel around the greens and improve your ability to carry the ball the intended distance.

  • Set up a towel about 10 feet away from you to start
  • Chip golf balls trying to land them on the towel
  • The balls momentum will naturally carry it off the towel so don’t worry about that
  • You’re just trying to hit the target towel from different distances to work on landing zones

Ladder Chipping

Find 4 wash-cloths or towels folded into 6 inch by 6 inch targets and set one at 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, and 12 feet away from you.

  • Chip a ball to the shortest target first and once you hit it move on to the next towel
  • Complete this drill by hitting all 4 targets
  • If you want to challenge yourself, set a limit for total attempts for completing the drill
  • For example, if you are at your limit of 20 attempts and have only hit the first two targets then start over and try to hit all 4 in just 20 attempts

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Knock the Water Bottle Over

This chipping drill will test your control on both distance judgement as well as accuracy. Keeping the ball online to your target while also chipping the right distance.

  • Set up a water bottle(s) at different distances in an open room at home or on the green at the golf course
  • Then chip balls trying to knock them all over
  • You can record your attempts to each distance if you want to in order to have something to compare to in the future
  • Try to break your personal best for least amount of attempts needed to complete the drill

Best Putting Drills for Female Golfers

Clock of Tees Putting Drill

Imagine yourself at the center of a clock. Set up tees around you that are 5 feet away at all the different hours on a clock. Each tee should be turned upside down so that it’s standing up but upside down.

You should now have a circle of 12 tees around you with you at the center.

  • Starting with the 12 o clock tee, putt a golf ball trying to knock over the tee.
  • Then putt to 1 o clock, 2 o clock and so on working your way all around the clock until you’ve knocked over all 12 tees.
  • Repeat this drill counter clockwise as well
  • Increase toughness by placing the tees further and further away for more of a challenge.

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Kiss the Penny Golf Drill

This putting drill focuses on speed control to help you master feel with your putter and learn when putts feel too hard vs too soft.

  • Place a golf ball on top of a penny
  • Then starting from a few feet away putt a second ball so that it stops in time to “kiss” the first ball without knocking it off of the penny
  • Keep moving back as you complete this drill from closer putts

Thanks for checking out our top recommended women’s golf practice drills for beginners and advanced level golfers.

We’re excited to see more women golfers getting into the sport and work hard to provide you the best tips and drills for free on our blog.

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