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Best Golf GPS Apps (Free)

Best Golf GPS Apps


Golfshot is a trusted GPS golf app for distance, scoring, statistics and tee times. This app gives you a whole new golfing experience as you continue to improve and enjoy your game. The best thing about the app is the availability of free features which you can enjoy without any subscriptions. If you want more, you can also subscribe to pro features and take your game to the next level.

The free feature uses the GPS and your stats to track every shot you hit and the club you used to give you the information you need to improve your game. You can also see the distance to the center of the green, keep your score up to foursome, check golf news and review your stats.

If you want more, you will get the Pro features at membership and get real-time distances to the front, back edge, the center of the green and all hazards. It does this in more than 40,000 courses. You will get on-the-spot club recommendations based on your lie. You also have the freedom to zoom in on full-color, get a birds-eye view of the course or adjust to a 3D display of the hole. Other features include games, leaderboards etc.


Hole19 is a fantastic free app available for Apple, Android and even watches. The app comes with an excellent user interface and a stylish design. The accuracy and the distance of the GPS are unbeatable.

App Features

  • The fly-over view. This feature gives you an aerial view to the nearest hole and a total distance to the pin displayed to the right.
  • The pull-down menu gives you more details about the hole including the details to the front, back and center of the greens, the whole number and par.
  • The analytics feature gives you the opportunity to review well-designed charts, stats of the fairways, graphics and select the number of analyzed holes.
  • The collective scorecard features are very useful for coaching purposes allowing you to add a friend to the list and keep a set of scores.


This is an app that will seamlessly blend with your golfing routine to give you an easy, fun and fast use on the course. Golfers have trusted this app for its accurate GPS distance, 4-player score, full-color 3D course maps, handicap tracking and pro-level stats. The technology doesn’t end there as players can now see exactly where to aim their putts.

App Features

  • Putt Breaks. This feature sets this app apart and allows you to click the location of your ball on the screen and drag the box to the exact location to where you want it to hit. It uses the 3D maps to read your putt, show you where to aim and display a line showing how it will break into the hole.
  • Interactive course maps. GolfLogix app accurately maps out every course you play or dream of playing. You get a screen that lists all the golf courses you can play when you just log in, and every course comes with a map for each hole.
  • The online clubhouse. GolfLogix connects you to an online clubhouse community where you have the option of uploading your stats to the online clubhouse. You will be able to compete with other golfers and share your experiences.

GolfLogix app is easy to use, and you can easily navigate through its features and do everything you want within simple clicks.


TheGrint is not only one of the best GPS App, but it is also, and every handicapper will be proud to have it. It comes with a simple, but classic looking design. You will not experience any fancy colors popping off the screen nor will you have any problems following the instructions.

It comes with incredible golf features which include:

  • This helps you see your location, display satellite photos of the hole and help you estimate the distance to hazards
  • USGA Compliant Handicap
  • Picture Scorecard. This service helps you turn the paper and pencil into a digital scorecard
  • Easy to Track Scoring. You can easily track your scoring or statistics and see what you need to improve in
  • Track your on Course Stats. This gives you a breakdown on how you’re doing to help you improve your game
  • Track your Friends Stats. You can see how your friends are doing, take notes and learn from them
  • See your Friends Live Score

This is one of the simplest golf apps to use, and you’ll even be amazed by the fact that it free to have free membership of the USGA Handicap.

Mobitee Golf

Mobitee is an outstanding golf GPS app that meets all the requirement of a good app including being user-friendly, visually appealing and affordable.

It is easy to download, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have an aerial view of the hole. You will get a white line stretching from the tee to the green giving you the yardage of the hole.

You simply need to touch and drag and obtain the distance of a specific spot.

The app also allows you to update the club you use and change the hitting distance. The app can auto select the club based on your yardage on the center of the green.

Another amazing feature is the club tracking feature. With this feature, you have the opportunity to review the shots you’ve tracked based on the club.

The scoring feature comes in two versions with the easy version tracking your score and putt. The expert version gives you more statistic information about your round.

Mobitee is indeed a fun GPS app to have not to mention it’s also very affordable


The first thing that’s going to get your attention is the price tag of this app. It is very affordable and still allows you to download an unlimited amount of score maps free of charge.

It is very accurate with its mapping technology based on Google maps. You just need to pinpoint your location to get the measurement by simply holding down your finger on the target location.

It comes with a score tracking system that syncs to its website so that you can view and edit later. The app also allows you to track your shots directly.

You will get an accurate GPS distance to the front, back and center of the green and it also has an accuracy indicator that tells you how accurate the distances are.

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