Ping i500 Irons Review

Looking to buy a new set of golf irons? Today we will review the Ping i500 irons and dive into the features, looks, feel, sound, and performance.

Ping i500 irons come with a more professional look than other famous Ping models, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t shine on other aspects such as distance and forgiveness.

They also come with a hollow body construction similar to that of G700.

In fact, the i500 golf irons are similar to G700 in many ways though there are a lot of notable changes that golfers will come across once you take it to the course. Let’s get into the full review.

Why You Should Buy the Ping i500 Golf Irons

Ping i500 Iron Looks

Looking at the Ping i500 irons from a distance, it is not easy to tell if it’s hollow.

It comes with a clean simple design that will appeal to most experienced golfers. It simply looks amazing with its sleek blade design.

It is indeed one of Ping’s best-looking iron coming with a narrow top line, beautifully shaped head and a thin sole.

The lack of offset and the compact blade is likely to appease low handicappers. It comes with a wide sole for added forgiveness.

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Ping i500 Irons Sound and Feel

The i500 iron gives an iron-like sound at impact. It is soft and muted. It gives an explosive sound from the sweet spot which is pleasing on the ears.

The forged face and the tungsten weighting dampen the vibration to give it a solid sound at impact.

The iron feels more like a distance iron than it looks. It gives a louder impact, and you might feel like you are about to break the ball into pieces if you put more energy.

The i500 golf irons, however, do not cover up the mishits. You will easily notice the difference between a miss and a pure strike making it hard to locate each miss.

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Ping i500 Performance

The i500 irons come with a longer size, and as compared to other irons of the same size. They also offer very solid forgiveness.

You will be amazed by how much ball speed you’ll get with poor contact and how it elevates thin strikes. However, you will require a lot of swings to get used to how to hit them for maximum distance.

The hollow body construction is great for maximum forgiveness and more playability.

It generates less spin hence producing more distance on longer irons. But don’t let less spin worry you on approach shots.

The shots come down more vertically, holding the green effectively thanks to its higher launch angle.

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The Hydrapearl Chrome 2.0 finish repels water off the hitting area giving golfers more high fliers and more consistency.

The iron’s ability to loft up or down makes it unique to other Ping clubs. It offers a fairly strong standard loft.

The Power Specs offer more distance allowing you to even lower the ball flight. If you need more height, then the Retro Spec is what you should consider.

This increased the launch and will give you a more manageable distance for players with high-speed.


Looking at its beauty, you can easily conclude that the i500 is the most beautiful irons Ping has ever produced.

However, all the beauty will be in vein if not combined with the forgiveness and consistent speed that appeals to every golfer.

With different specs to choose from, every golfer has the option to choose a combination of his choice.


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