High School Golf Season Practice Schedule Template

High School Golf Season Practice Schedule Template

High school golf is a short season compared to most sports but can be productive in helping kids learn the sport of golf.

Not everyone on the golf team is going to be playing at a high level and have a chance to play college golf. You’ll have beginners who are learning golf for the first time and if they qualify for the team they’ll use these next few months to get better while learning golf for the first season.

The below high school golf practice template is an example but customize as you see fit for your golf team.

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Option A: On Course Golf Practice

Sending your team out onto the golf course to practice is important for getting real experience and learning golf course strategy. How to think around the golf course, which shots to play, and also learning the rules of golf as they find themselves in different situations (water hazards, cart path relief, etc.).

With high school golf practice usually lasting about 2-3 hours after school, your team could meet at the course and tee off in groups of 2-3 to keep pace of play faster. This may allow them to finish 9 holes and leave some extra time to putt on the practice green after before heading home.

You can simulate golf matches by having groups of 2 where they face off head to head for some competitive fun exchanging scorecards to track each other’s score like a real competitive match they’ll face on game day.

Other days can be spent just practicing on the course with their clubs or only specific clubs like if you challenge them to put away the driver and learn to tee off with their irons and fairway woods.

Option B: Practice Area Routines

To refine and develop skill, you can host practice days where your team works on the putting green and chipping greens as well as some time on the driving range.

Putting Practice:

  • Make 10 putts from 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet (50 makes total)
  • Lag putt 10 putts inside of 3 feet from 70 feet, 60 feet, 50 feet, 40 feet, 30 feet (50 lag putts total)
  • Work on putting alignment with the gate drill (two tees they putt through to keep putter straight)

You can focus on the beginner players helping them learn the proper grip and putting stroke motion the first few weeks of golf season and then let them progress to the above putting routine to work on short putts, longer distance control putts and putting stroke drills.

Chipping Practice:

  • Chip 3 balls, one to a close by hole, one to a middle of green hole, and one to far side far away hole
  • Try to get all 3 balls inside of 5 feet away from the hole to give a chance to make the putt
  • Have chipping challenges trying to chip the ball in from different locations around the green
  • High volume practice (hit 50 chips to a short hole, 50 to middle hole, 50 to long hole) to develop feel and distance control skills
  • Hit from different distances away from the green (some fringe chips, some just in the rough, and pitch shots from 10+ yards away)

Driving Range Practice:

  • Straighten out the golf swing with lessons or help from the golf course pro
  • Work on draws / fades for more advanced golfers who want to shape shots
  • Work with wedges and short irons for helping players hit more greens to make more pars
  • Break up 50 ranges balls into 10 sets of 5 (driver, wood, hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-irons, PW, Other Wedge)
  • High vs Low Trajectory Golf Shots (teach them moving it forward and back in their stance)

Practice Schedule Template – High School Golf Season

This sample high school practice schedule spends 3 days of golf drills and skill development and 2 days on the course getting experience.

If they need additional on-course experience they can play on their own on the weekends or host a voluntary saturday where you play 18 holes with the team if allowed by the course hosting your team.

Practice Schedule:

  • Monday – Putting / Chipping for 1 hour and then 1 hour on driving range
  • Tuesday – Play 9 holes
  • Wednesday – Pitching & Short Game Practice Focus
  • Thursday – Play 9 holes with competition / score tracking
  • Friday – Range Warm Up, Putting Drills, Chipping Drills

You can also map out total reps for drills…

Each week you can have your players complete 500 putts, 500 chips, and 100-150 range balls which should be decent volume of practice to develop their skills.

Break these numbers up into how many days you want to work on skill development if you have them also going out onto the course for playing.

  • Monday – 250 putts, 150 chips, 50 range balls
  • Tuesday – On Course Practice
  • Wednesday 150 putts, 250 chips, 50 range balls
  • Thursday – On Course Practice
  • Friday 100 putts, 100 chips, 50 range balls

Remember, you can always have them play 9 holes plus put extra time in on the chipping and putting green either before or after on that same day if time allows.

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