15 Best Indoor Golf Putting Greens: Make More Putts

Hi, I’m Nick Foy, a golf instructor at Foy Golf Academy.

I love putting and I was super excited to write today’s review for you on the best indoor putting greens. When I was 16 I built my own indoor putting green using some wood and putting carpet / turf that was leftover from my grandparents indoor golf room they had at their house.

Every winter, bad weather day, and at night time I had access to practice putting thanks to my indoor putting green I built.

But these days you can pick up a training aid on Amazon for under $100 that will save you the time and effort trying to build your own.

Top 15 Indoor Golf Putting Greens

Here are the 15 best putting greens I picked out and I’ve bought a few of them for my indoor practice facility. Let me know on Instagram which one you love most.

  • FORB Home Golf Putting Mat
  • VariSpeed Putting System
  • ABCO Sport Putting Mat
  • 77Tech Golf Putting Green
  • Putt-A-Bout 3 x 9 Indoor Golf Putting Mat
  • Putt-A-Bout 3 x 11 Indoor Putting Mat
  • ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Green
  • Outad Indoor Golf Putting Green
  • Professional Synthetic Mat 6 x 15
  • Big Moss Augusta Putting Green
  • SKLZ Accelerator Pro
  • SKLZ Indoor Putting Green
  • Perfect Practice Putting Mat
  • PuttOut Pro Putting Mat
  • BoBurn Indoor Putting Green

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1. FORB Home Golf Putting Mat Review

indoor putting surface

This golf putting aid is perfect for practicing uphill and flat putts.  Putts start out rolling on the flat surface before heading up-slope to the 3 hole cutouts thanks to the 50mm foam raised incline.

It’s 10 feet in length so you can work on short and medium putts alike and 2.6 feet wide so you can stand on the putting surface while making your putting strokes.

You’ll also love the 5mm thick rubber matting underneath that helps prevent the polyester putting surface from creasing and wrinkling.

Priced on the medium side of the budget spectrum you can pick up this indoor golf putting green for under $70.

Click to check price on Amazon

2. VariSpeed Putting System – 4 Speeds

best indoor putting green

One of the more advanced golf putting greens, the VariSpeed Putting System offers golfers 4 stimp tested speeds ranging from 7.5 to 13 to help you practice speed control.

Looking at the image above, you can see the alignment line that helps you track your putts ability to stay on line if you’re working on putting stroke fundamentals.

Or maybe you want to practice breaking putts which this indoor golf putting green offers unlike most putting mats. I also love the distance markings so you can practice putts from 1 to 6 feet and get a feel for speed at each putting distance.

For slower putts, use the left side of the putting mat, and if you need to practice faster putts use the right side of the putting mat. Try these putting drills out on the VariSpeed putting mat.


  • Adjustable to four Stimp tested speeds ranging from 7.5 to 13.
  • You can see the exact path of your ball with visible traces to help you evaluate every putt.
  • Set up realistic break conditions with a wedge for adjusting the slope of the mat.
  • Smart guides printed on the VariSpeed mat enable you to judge the distance and direction of your putts.
  • A compact design makes it easy to store the mat and play anywhere.
  • Includes a guide booklet with pro training exercises and fun games for different players.


  • Does not have an automatic return system.

Overall, the variety of lines and visible ball traces help you see the path every putt takes so you can perfect your putting stroke and build distance control.

Click to check pricing on Amazon

3. ABCO Sport Golf Putting Mat Review

best putting green review

If you’re looking for a putting green that is portable and compact to fit in a variety of spaces in your home, then the ABCO Sport Golf Putting Mat may be for you.

This putting mat is 1 foot wide and 10 feet in length allowing you to practice from a variety of distances inside 10 feet, especially 5 and 6 footers which are crucial!

It’s split in half with two shades of turf leading to two separate holes, one normal sized cup and one smaller cup for a tougher challenge to your putting skills.

The line also helps you practice your putting set up, alignment check, and how well you keep putts straight. This will help you practice different fundamentals depending on what you want to work on.

Lastly, it has a ball return system to help you get more reps in during your practice session and rewards you for putts made by returning the ball back to you.

It’s one of the more affordable indoor golf putting greens at under $70.

Click here to see pricing on Amazon

4. 77Tech Golf Putting Green

synthetic indoor putting green

The indoor/outdoor golf putting green by 77Tech looks very professional like you’d see in someone’s backyard. It’s portable if you’d like to use it indoors during winter and outdoors during summer.

The putting surface is 10mm synthetic grass with a 35mm outer edge of two tone synthetic grass for light chipping practice. Multiple holes to help you practice from different distances and breaks.

Built with a rubber foam base, the backing on this putting green helps keep the turf side smooth and wrinkle free.

Due to the quality build, size, and materials used, this indoor putting green is on the upper end of budget spectrum with a price tag above $200 at time of writing this putting green review.

Click to see current pricing on Amazon

5. Putt-a-About Par 3 Putting Green

putt a bout indoor putting mat


  • Built to last with PET resin for increased durability.
  • High-quality putting surface that remains smooth for a long time.
  • Its kidney shape and practice cups make it easy to practice your precision at different angles.
  • Built-in sand traps catch your golf ball every time you miss a shot.
  • Non-skid backing ensures it stays put no matter your floor type.
  • It measures 3 by 9 feet, making it perfect for your living room or office.
  • Easily rolls up and unrolls and remains flat every time you unroll it.


  • Relatively simple with limited features.

Resource: Check out our golf practice program with step by step drills

The Putt-A-Bout Putting Green is one of the best sellers on Amazon with over 1,300 4-5 star reviews. It’s also very affordable making it an easy choice for any golfer looking to practice putting indoors at home.

It’s manufactured from PET resin and the surface stays wrinkle free to help you roll smooth putts to the hole. Speaking of the hole, you get 3 cut outs as well as sand bunker cut outs to challenge your skills.

It’s 9 feet in length allowing you to practice a variety of putts from 3 feet to 9 feet. Try these indoor putting drills on this mat.

The underside has a non-skid backing to keep the mat in place and prevent sliding or moving during use.

Overall it’s a great surface material for the budget and a great option if you’re in need of an indoor putting mat.

Recent pricing was under $50. Learn more via the link below.

Click to check current prices on Amazon

6. Putt-a-Bout 3 feet by 11 feet Putting Green

golf putting green review indoors

This putting green is different than the 3 x 9 green we just reviewed from Putt-A-Bout. For starters, it’s an extra 2 feet in length allowing you to practice up to 11 feet of putts.

It’s also a different shape. The previous Putt-A-Bout green was a kidney shaped putting mat, while this is your typical rectangle design.

It’s 36 inches wide allowing you to easily stand on the putting surface with your golf ball so everything is level. This putting green is also made with a premium backing to prevent skidding and prevent the surface level turf from wrinkling or creasing.

Due to the extra length, this indoor putting green is a few extra bucks compared to it’s younger brother 3 x 9 putting mat. You can grab it on Amazon for under $50. Learn more and see reviews view the link below.

Click to check current prices on Amazon

7. ProAdvanced ProInfinity Indoor Putting Mat

proadvanced golf putting green review

This golf putting mat is a lot similar in look and design as the VariSpeed putting mat. You’ll notice it also has distance lines to monitor how far your putts are rolling and help you work specifically on 4 foot or 6 foot putts.

It also has the slow, medium, and fast speed options to allow you to control what speed your putts roll on the putting surface.

This green is 20 inches wide and 10 feet in length. It comes with slope simulators to help you create different breaking putts.

Every putt will leave a clear trace of the path it took to help you identify issues in your putting stroke. You can use the putting trace eraser tool to get rid of the tracer lines.

It’s priced on the higher end of the budget spectrum coming in around $100.

Check current pricing on Amazon

8. Outad Indoor / Outdoor Golf Putting Mat

golf putting green outad indoor system

The OUTAD indoor putting green will fit well in most rooms or covered patios. The premium turf lets you practice key putt lengths on a true-roll surface with a stimp reading similar to actual greens.

The green is 1.6 feet wide and 10 feet in length and works well on both hard surfaces as well as carpet. It’s built up from a thick base to prevent creasing on the putting surface. You’ll love the surface material which helps putts feel and roll like a true green.

It also has a 4cm long outer layer of grass bordering the green for stylish look as well as alignment help.

Choose from the regular sized hole or the small hole to practice your putting aim. Personally, you should aim at the little hole so that when you face a normal sized hole on a green, it appears much larger, giving you more confidence.

Price wise, this indoor putting green fits most golfers budgets if you’re looking for a higher quality putting green. It’s less expensive than some of the high quality greens we’ve reviewed today.

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9. Synthetic Indoor Golf Mat (6 Feet by 15 Feet)

synthetic golf putting green mat

One of the more expensive putting greens on our list, the Professional Synthetic Indoor Golf Mat is large in size and green material is high quality, non-directional Tuff Yarn to simulate true roll of greens.

We love that it comes 6 feet by 15 feet enabling you to practice putting outside of 10 feet unlike other indoor putting greens covered today in our review.

With 4 pre cut holes, you can practice a variety of putts, speeds, and breaks. The roll is measured 10 to 11 on stimpmeter which is very similar to a standard golf course green speed.

This putting surface is built with tough, heavy duty construction to provide durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to it’s overall size, it’s going to need a larger room to house it or perhaps the patio out back.

Click to see the price currently on Amazon

10. Big Moss Augusta Putting Green 4 x 12 Feet

putting mat reviews 2019

The Big Moss Augusta Putting Green is another higher budget option if you’re looking to invest in an indoor putting training aid to allow you to practice your putting stroke year round.

It’s portable and easy to set up, plus it fits in most rooms at 4 feet wide by 12 feet in length. Work on your 10 foot putts and start saving more pars next golf season!

One thing you’ll love is this green can be used for both putting and chipping. The material is high quality and durable so you can hit wedge shots without worrying about ruining the surface.

The surface material of this putting green rolls like a freshly-cut bent grass putting green with a True-Roll downgrain built right in.

Click to see the price currently on Amazon

11. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green

best indoor putting green

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro enables you to practice your putts uninterrupted with its continuous automatic ball return feature.


  • Precision alignment guides help train all your putting motions, including follow-through, backswing, and squaring.
  • Ball return ensures no interruptions, so you can maintain a consistent tempo and steady stroke.
  • The upslope and true roll surface give you the feel of putting on an actual green.
  • Measures 9 feet and 16.25 inches for convenient indoor use.
  • Helps you practice putting consistently at different distances of 3, 5, and 7.


  • The hole can be too big for good practice.

Check out the Putting Green on Amazon (Price & Reviews)

12. SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

golf greens indoor

The SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green is another pocket-friendly option suitable for golfers of all ages and levels.


  • The true roll surface and slight upslope at the cup give you a natural green feel.
  • 3 holes located at different levels provide different speeds and help you practice putting at different strengths.
  • Its size of 3 by 9 feet makes it very portable and usable anywhere.
  • Bunkers are designed conveniently behind the holes to catch your missed shots.
  • A rubber backing keeps it in place on any indoor surface as you strike a putt.


  • Not very durable and wrinkles easily.

Check out the Putting Green on Amazon (Price & Reviews)


best indoor putting mat

The PERFECT PRACTICE putting mat is an easy-to-use training aid endorsed by Dustin Johnson, the best golfer in the world.


  • Suitable for both right and left-handed players.
  • The ball rolls like you’re in perfect green, thanks to the exclusive Crystal Velvet material.
  • An auto-return feature ensures you don’t hassle for the ball.
  • Includes alignment training to give you a straight back straight through putting stroke.
  • Printed markings to help you practice putting at different distances of 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet.
  • Double sighting lines help in guiding your stroke down the putting mat.
  • Two regulation and reduced size training holes help improve your putting accuracy.
  • An elevated putting ramp helps you acquire a firm, confident putting stroke.
  • You can choose from different sizes, from compact to XL.


  • The ball return is not perfect.

Check out the Putting Green on Amazon (Price & Reviews)

14. PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

best indoor putting green

The PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat is designed to help you practice every aspect of your putting game wherever you are.


  • Unique packaging design with a protective cardboard cylinder that ensures the mat remains tightly pressed and crease-free.
  • Long-lasting, heavy rubber backing allows it to lie flat and smooth on any surface.
  • Comes with a carry bag to carry it easily on your travels and practice on the go.
  • A high-quality surface provides you with an accurate feel of a medium to fast green with a stimpmeter reading of 10.
  • Comes complete with printed target points, alignment guides, and distance markings.
  • Includes five drills to help you develop your game and confidence as you putt.
  • The mat rolls flat straight out of the packaging with a smooth and consistent roll.


  • Grooving on the mat after a few putts can affect the line of the ball.

Check out the Putting Green on Amazon (Price & Reviews)

15. BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat

backyard golf green

The BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat is made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials. It’s a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor practice.


  • Provides you with an accurate replica of a natural putting green. A 35 mm artificial grass surrounds a 10 mm putting grass to imitate the golf course landscape.
  • The unique design prevents the ball from rolling off when you miss a shot.
  • Three real-sized golf holes ensure you practice with utmost precision.
  • A 10 mm rubber base gives it a firm grip on any surface. You can easily play in your house, patio, backyard, or office.
  • A genuine roll surface gives you a natural green feel with a stimpmeter reading of 10.
  • High adhesive ECO glue holds the grass and rubber bottom together. It guarantees you 5-8 years of use with proper care.


  • Putting surface may be creased on opening, and you may have to place weights on it for a few days to flatten out.

Check out the Putting Green on Amazon (Price & Reviews)

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