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How to Hit a One Hop Stop Chip Shot

For many amateur golfers hitting a chip shot around the green can be a very daunting task.

There are a lot of recreational golfers with good short games, but there are also just as many golfers out there that would love to learn how to hit the one hop and stop chip shot.

The one hop and stop chip shot comes in very handy in multiples situations on the golf course, but it is also a very cool shot to have in the bag if you need to pull off a shot that will impress your friends or playing partners.

Different variations exist of the one hop and stop chip shot and all of these variations get played with a slightly different approach and technique.

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Two Different One Hop and Stop Chip Shot Styles

Depending on course conditions and angles you have at the pin, you may need to rely on two different types of the one hop and stop chip shot.

  • High Flying Soft Landing
  • Low Flying Line Drive

High Flying Soft Landing One Hop and Stop Shot

The high flying soft landing one hop and stop chip shot, more commonly known as the flop or lob shot, is a very tricky shot to hit. But don’t be scared, with the right technique and some practice this shot will save you a stroke the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation.

The flop shot is used when you find yourself short sided and when you need the ball to land softly onto the green and to then stop almost immediately after landing.

Low Spinning One Hop and Stop Chip Shot

The low spinning one hop and stop chip shot is definitely a shot that can be used by all golfers. This is a very handy chip shot to hit around the greens, especially if you need to run the ball up and over a slope or ridge.

It’s a difficult shot, just like the high flying hop and stop, but with practice it’s a beautiful golf shot to have in hand for certain situations and green conditions.

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One Hop and Stop Chip Shot Technique

Tip #1: Swing the club on the correct path

In order to get enough spin on the golf ball for it to stop after that first hop the club path of the chip shot needs to be from out to in. The action of cutting across the ball with that swing path generates spin on the golf ball. With a chip shot our feet need to be open in relation to our targets, with the correct setup in place it is a lot easier to swing the club along the correct out to in swing path. 

Tip #2: Retain loft on the clubface at impact

In order to generate spin and to create height on a chip shot the loft on the clubface has to remain the same as at address. During the shot it should feel as if the hands don’t release the club, this will ensure that the correct loft remains on the club throughout the shot. For the one hop and stop shop the clubface needs to be slightly open at address.

Tip #3: Take a long smooth swing at it

Good rhythm is a very important factor that will lead to consistently good chip shots. In order to hit rhythmic chip shots it is important to take a longer backswing, this will generate width and good flow. With a longer backswing one will be forced to move through the ball rhythmically.

Tip #4: Ball position

In order to change the trajectory of a chip shot one can simply change your ball position. If you need to hit a higher shot then place the ball forward in your stance and vice versa for when a low shot is required. With regards to ball position the smallest of changes can make a big difference in the shot type.

The difference between a flop shot and a low spinning one hop and stop chip shot is the ball position. For a higher ball flight move the ball towards your front foot and for a lower ball flight move the ball towards your back foot.

Tip #5: Chest rotation

Good rhythm, maintaining loft on the clubface and swinging along the correct path are all important points that will lead to well struck one hop and stop chip shots. In order to master all of those technicalities one has to remember one of the most important chipping techniques: rotate your chest.

Rotating your chest through the ball at a chip shot will lead to a solid strike, good club path and the retention of loft on the clubface will also be achieved with good upper body chest rotation.

It needs to feel as if the middle of your chest (sternum) is moving towards the left hand side of your body.

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