Best Women’s Golf Drivers

Best Women’s Golf Drivers

Welcome to our 2019 review of the best women’s golf drivers. If you’re thinking of a buying a new golf driver this year, this guide will have you covered.

We will share the best drivers for overall quality and performance but also will cover drivers that are best for affordability, forgiveness, and other factors.

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Are You Slicing Your Driver? Watch This

While buying a new driver may help your golf swing some, the core issue could be getting your swing fundamentals dialed in first before spending money on new equipment. Here’s a starter video of how to stop slicing your driver. More on our YouTube channel here.

Best Women’s Golf Drivers for Performance (Tour Level Drivers)

Callaway Rogue Women’s Driver Review


First on our list is the Callaway Women’s Rogue Driver! It’s built with a new head design that is more aerodynamic to allow great club speed with a Speed Step crown that also allows smoother air flow for less friction.

The face has been redesigned with Variable Face Technology to thicken certain areas and thin others to create a more forgiving face when the ball and clubhead make contact.

Callaway also stiffened the face and created more face flex for faster ball speeds by inserting jailbreak technology into the Rogue Driver.

Jailbreak technology is fancy for two titanium bars that got placed in the body, hidden behind the face plate and their function is to connect the crown with the sole to reduce face stretching and loss of energy.

Overall, you’ll see faster ball speeds and more forgiveness which makes the Callaway Rogue Women’s Driver the best choice on our review list for performance and technology.

Check the price and specs of the Rogue Women’s Driver on Amazon

Ping Women’s G LE Driver Review

ping womens g le driver review

The Ping Women’s G LE Driver is built for speed to help the average female player increase her distance off the tee.

It was designed with slower golf swing speeds in mind by introducing turbulator technology to improve the airflow and overall aerodynamics of the club, generating faster club speed.

The Ping G LE driver also incorporated PING’s Dragonfly technology to save weight throughout the clubhead so it could be used to optimize the center of gravity for increased MOI and forgiveness.

The crown is thinner (and weighs less) which helped the weight get redistributed towards the heel to help golfers square the face better at impact for straighter drives.

A hotter, TS9 titantium face helps the Ping G LE driver deflect better for faster ball speeds and longer drives.

Overall, this is a solid women’s golf driver from top to bottom and one of the best on the market. This also means it will be more expensive but the performance justifies paying more for it as compared to a cheaper driver.

Check out more info on the Women’s Ping G LE Driver on Amazon

Titleist TS2 Women’s Driver Review


There are two words Titleist wants every to think of with their new TS2 Women’s Driver, Speed and Straight.

Titleist has already been one of the best golf brands in the industry with popularity for their golf balls and Vokey wedges, but they’ve also stepped their game up to create some of the best irons, fairway woods, hybrids, and drivers.

The new TS2 Women’s Driver offers explosive distance across the face thanks to its Variable Thickness technology while still being very forgiving.

This is also the fastest driver Titleist has created to date with 20% less drag from the new head shape design.

Titleist updated the Speed Chassis and Optimized Weight Distribution to create a higher launching golf driver, while reducing the spin to maximize distances.

Engineers shifted weight deeper and lower into the club to produce lower center of gravity for launching your drives higher and farther. This is achieved as a result of saving weight from the ultra thin, light weight titanium crown.

Overall, Titleist TS2 Women’s Driver is one of the best and worthy of our recommendation in today’s review.

Check the price of the TS2 Driver on Amazon here

Best Affordable Driver with Top Performance

TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Ultralite Driver

kalea golf driver womens

The Kalea Ultralite Driver was released by TaylorMade in 2018 and is designed to help you improve your swing speed so you can hit the golf ball further off the tee.

It’s built with a combination of speed pocket technology and an ultralite golf shaft which make the driver easy to swing faster, generating more clubhead speed and more ball speed at impact.

In addition, these two factors combine to produce higher ball launch angles so your golf ball can launch higher, carry farther before landing, and increase the total distance of your drives.

TaylorMade worked hard to design the Kalea Women’s Ultralite driver with a deeper center of gravity to make it easier for amateur players to get the ball up into the air.

Standard specs include a shaft flex of women’s and a loft angle that is 12 degrees. The club is 43.5 inches in length making it slightly shorter than other women’s drivers.

But you’ll benefit from more control over your golf shots like you do with shorter golf irons as compared to longer golf irons.

Check the current price of the Kalea Women’s Ultralite Golf Driver

Most Forgiving Golf Driver for Women

Callaway Women’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

callaway-gbb-epic womens driver review

One of the most forgiving drivers is the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic which goes by GBB Epic for short.

This women’s driver is powerful while still being very forgiving on mishits to help you keep your balls in more fairways on the golf course.

The increased forgiveness in the GBB Epic driver comes from an innovative combo of Callaway’s titanium exo-cage and their triaxial carbon crown. Together these produce a high launch, low spin golf shot to maximize distances while still being very forgiving.

Additionally, if you flip the club over to its sole you’ll find a sliding 17g weight which allows you to adjust the driver to fit your swing. This let’s you fine tune launch angles as well as draw/fade bias.

The Great Big Bertha Epic Women’s Driver also features Callaway’s innovative jailbreak technology. These are two titanium bars inserted behind the driver face that connect the sole and the crown to produce more face flex, and thus faster ball speeds.

Airflow improvements were made to help this club become more aerodynamic thanks to a Boeing inspired Speed Neck.

Overall, the performance of this women’s golf driver is phenomenal making it easily one of the best drivers in the market. It’s also very affordable compared to Callaway’s new women’s rogue driver.

Check the price of the Callaway Women’s Big Bertha Driver

Golf Driver Buying Tips

Head Size

Ideally, you’d like to see a larger head on your driver. This gives the club more mass which is a factor in contributing power into the golf ball (force x acceleration). But a larger club head also gives you a larger face and sweet spot for hitting the golf ball.

Club Loft

One of the major factors for launching a ball higher into the air is swing speed. But unfortunately, most amateur golfers lack the swing speed of the professional golfers. To compensate, you can purchase a golf driver that is built with higher loft that will help you naturally launch your drivers higher.

Driver lofts can vary from 8 to 13 degrees with 10.5 degrees being pretty standard for amateur players but 12 degrees is also quite common for female golfers.

Shaft Weight & Flex

Drivers are more flexible as compared to other golf clubs in your bag and as a result your distance is affected.

Picking out a shaft with the proper flexibility will be key to ensuring you are maximizing your distances and not losing distance from too much flex or too stiff of a shaft.

In simple terms, more flex equals more rebound effect which can spring into the ball and help it accelerate off the face faster. Since most women golfers have slower swing speeds they need more flex in their shaft.

Too much flex, like with faster golf swings, can slow the club head down during the swing and a loss of speed will result in a loss of distance.

Shaft weight also impacts your swing speed. Female golfers tend to benefit better from lighter weight shafts that they can swing faster as compared to a heavier golf club.


There are many different styles of golf grips. You’ll want to pick one that feels comfortable in your hands. Thicker grips can help eliminate hand and wrists movement if you’re too handsy in your swing. This is common on putters when you want to keep your wrists and hands still.

Certain grips also hold up better in bad weather conditions such as cold or rainy weather.

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