Ping Women’s G LE Driver Review


Ping Women’s G LE Driver Review

You’re going to love the new Ping Women’s G LE Driver. It’s one of the best golf drivers for women on the market.

The new PING G LE driver was designed specifically for women with keeping in mind the typical female golfers swing speed.

The technology packed into this driver will help women of all skill levels enjoy increased distance and more forgiveness on mis-hits.

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Ping Women’s G LE Driver Technology

ping womens g le driver review


Technology Features:

  • Thinner T9S clubface generates faster ball speeds for more distance
  • Vortec Technology and Crown Turbulators reduce air drag during the swing for enhanced clubhead speed
  • Heel-side CG positioning makes it easier to square the clubface
  • Dragonfly technology enables a CG position that delivers increased MOI
  • Adjustable hosel (+/- 1 degree) enables players to produce their preferred ball flight and trajectory

The first thing you’ll notice about the Ping G Le driver is it feels FAST!

Ping used Vortec technology and crown turbulators to reduce the amount of air drag during the golf swing. This increased club head speed as the air flows around the club head smoother.

It has a lighter weight golf shaft as well to help female players swing the club faster as opposed to a heavier golf driver.

Additionally, the Ping G Le driver was designed with a thinner T9S face which works best for golfers with lower swing speeds by producing higher ball speed and increased distance. It also generates the optimal launch angle and spin for slower swinging golfers.

The driver head is a 460cc titanium head built with better aerodynamics and it also uses Ping’s Dragonfly technology to position the center of gravity in precise locations that produce more forgiveness.

For example, Ping found that positioning the center of gravity towards the heel would make it easier for women to square the club face at impact to produce straighter golf shots.

After hitting several drives on the practice range, you’ll notice more consistency in overall distance and you’ll enjoy the straighter ball flight that results from the design of the Ping G Le driver head.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

What Loft Options for the Ping Women’s G LE Driver?

This driver comes in a standard 11.5 degree loft which is ideal for hitting your drives with more launch so that you benefit from increased carry distance.

It is adjustable so you can change the loft if you desire to fit a certain setting that works best with your golf swing.

Check the current price of the G Le Driver on Amazon

Ping Driver Shaft Options?

If you want to get the most distance out of your Ping G LE driver, you need to optimize it for the best launch angle and spin rate.

You can do this by adjusting the loft as discussed above but also by choosing the correct shaft with the correct amount of shaft flex for your swing speed.

Golfers with slower swing speeds typically benefit most from a more flexible shaft. However, if you are young and powerful and swing fast, then you may require a more firm golf shaft flex.

It’s recommended you get custom fitted for the shaft that helps you launch the ball at the best angle with the right amount of spin, for maximum distance. Local club shops should have a simulator device to help you analyze your tendencies and use the data to pick out the proper golf shaft.

Whether that’s a softer, lighter shaft with a higher launch or a heavier, stiffer shaft with a lower trajectory, a PING Certified Club Fitter can help you find the shaft that brings consistency to your game.

Ping Driver Grip Options?

You’ll find a variety of different grip options available by PING. Your grip can influence the ability to open or close the face at impact which impacts how straight your ball flight is.

Depending on your hand size, you may benefit from different thicknesses of grips and different textures.

PING color-coded grips are available in six different diameters, and can be further customized with grip tape according to your needs.

Once the neutral grip color code has been determined based on hand measurements, golfers may consider smaller diameter grips to help control fades and slices, or larger diameter grips to help control draws and hooks.

Here are three options to start with for the Ping G LE Driver:

  • Navy 5L
  • Ping 5L
  • Ping 5L Cord

How Much Does the Ping Women’s G LE Driver Cost?

Right now, you can find the Ping G Le Driver on Amazon for $470. This is a high price tag but the performance and features of this golf driver make it worth it. It’s definitely one of the best on the market and PING is known as one of the best golf driver manufacturers.

Buy the Ping Women’s G LE Driver on Amazon

Are You Slicing Your Driver? Watch This

While buying a new driver may help your golf swing some, the core issue could be getting your swing fundamentals dialed in first before spending money on new equipment. Here’s a starter video of how to stop slicing your driver. More on our YouTube channel here.

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