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Best Women’s Golf Skorts Review

A Guide to the Top Rated Women’s Golf Skorts

We all know that there are dress codes that you have to follow when you play golf. You’re not allowed to wear t-shirts, jeans, and even shorts that are extremely tight or too short. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert golfer, wearing the right type of clothes is a must.

For women, many would want to look fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time. If you want to have both, then owning a skort is your best move.

A skort is a type of shorts that has a flap on the front. It is basically a cross between shorts and a skirt. Skorts were designed to be comfortable, easy to wear, and fashionable while allowing more mobility.

However, you will have to take into consideration not only the style but also the material used as well. On this note, here’s your guide to the top-rated women’s golf skorts.

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Adidas Women’s Golf Skort

  • Increased Mobility
  • Climate Friendly
  • Water Resistant
  • Protection from UV Rays

Increased Mobility

The Adidas golf skort and its waistband are made with stretchable woven fabric. It might be on the tighter side, but it still allows maximum mobility.

Climate Friendly

This feature will probably be your favorite. It has micro-mesh pockets that will help you feel cooler especially in hot weather. Plus, it also dries fast.

Water Resistant

This skort’s water resistant feature is definitely a huge plus. Getting drenched in the rain won’t be too much of a problem. It uses fabric that dries quickly and protects you from light showers when playing games.

Protection from UV Rays

Adidas says that this skort blocks 98% of UV rays. You can now play a round or two under the sun for a longer period of time. So getting this skort will mean additional protection from the sun other than your sunscreen.

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32 Degrees Women’s Golf Skort

  • Draw-String Waistband
  • Soft Fabric
  • Breathable Material

Draw-String Waistband

32 Degrees designed the skort to be adjustable. You can tie it securely on your waist by pulling on the draw-strings on the waistband.

Soft Fabric

This golf skort uses soft and durable faux cashmere woven with polyester. It does not constrict your movements as you make your perfect swing. In fact, it’s still quite comfortable to wear even for longer periods.

Breathable Material

This skort’s outer flap is made of a thicker fabric for better cover, but even so, it still allows your skin to breath. The material absorbs sweat easily and dries quickly. The skort’s fabric also allows warmth to escape which keeps you cool and dry.

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Tailong Women’s Skort

  • Can Stay Securely on Waist
  • Non-Translucent
  • Allows Full Range of Motion

Can Stay Securely on Waist

Unlike most skorts, this one snugs perfectly onto your waist. The A-line cut also helps prevent the skort from riding up your thighs. 


Most clothes turn transparent when they get drenched. With Tailong Women’s skort, you don’t have to worry about that. The fabric used absorbs sweat and dries fast as well.

Allows Full Range of Motion

You can now make that perfect swing. This skort will not limit your range of motion. It has side stitches that will not only make it durable but also allows you to move however you want. It is also made with stretchable fabric so it’s definitely a big plus.

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Nike’s Women’s Golf Skort

  • Dri-Fit
  • Side and Back Pockets
  • Timeless Design


Just like any Nike sportswear, this skort also uses a dri-fit material. It absorbs sweat well and dries out quickly. So you can be sure that you stay comfortable while on the course.

Side and Back Pockets

Unlike most skorts, this one has both side and back pockets. It definitely gives you plenty of space to put your things in like the divot tool, ball marker, yardage book, or even an extra tee.

Timeless Design

Go for the classic style with a modern twist. This skort zips up securely just below the waistline for a trendier look. The skort can basically go with anything.

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Cutter and Buck Women’s Skort

  • Non Visible Seams and Pockets
  • Printed Knit Design
  • Blocks UV Rays

Non Visible Seams and Pockets

Keep everything looking sleek. The skort features non-visible pockets and seams. You don’t have to worry about constantly tugging your skirt and keeping it in the right position while you are in the middle of the course.

Printed Knit Design

You can now level up your style. If you would like to try being trendy, try this modern knitted skort with an overall colorful print. Plus, the fabric used is pleasant to the touch and snug enough to move with you.

Block UV Rays

Playing golf can mean being under the sun for a long time. So keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. One feature that I like about this skort is that it offers a 50 + UPF protection against the sun‘s rays.

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Q&A Section for Buying a Golf Skort

Can I wear skorts on all golf courses?

That would depend on the golf club you’re going to. Most golf courses will allow you to wear skorts and even denims. However, the more exclusive golf clubs have strict dress codes. They may allow skorts but limit the length. If you go any shorter then you might not be allowed to enter the course. So be sure to check with the club beforehand.

What is the acceptable length of a golf skort?

Your skort should at least cover your whole bottom. Most golf courses require it to be knee-length. A new update from the Ladies Golf Professional Association says that a skort should be long enough to cover your derriere while stooping down or bending over.

What is the best material for a golf skort?

Before you decide on wearing a skort, check the weather first. You might need to opt for golf slacks instead. But ideally, golf skorts should be made of a light, breathable, and flexible material. Keep in mind that you are expected to move around and be under the sun, so it is best to be comfortable while you’re at it.

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