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Best FootJoy Women’s Golf Shoes Review

Best FootJoy Women’s Golf Shoes Review

The following are considered the best FootJoy golf shoes for Women on the market. Check out the review and each shoe has links to Amazon where you can check current prices, more photos, and see customer reviews!

FootJoy Shoes Review:

  • FJ Sport Retro Golf Shoes
  • FJ SuperLite Golf Shoes

#1: FootJoy Women’s Sport Retro Golf Shoes

footjoy womens retro

These retro women’s golf shoes have a throwback feel to them and are perfect for female golfers that prioritize style, durability and comfort when choosing golf shoes. Some of the shoes’ features that will definitely impress you include:

Spikeless design

With this feature, you are guaranteed of maximum grip as well as traction on any surface that you are putting on.


This pair of shoes comes with a one year waterproof warranty, which means that they will remain waterproof for up to one year. This shoe is thus ideal for regular dew sweepers.

Synthetic Upper crafted from linen

The upper is crafted from high quality linen, which not only guarantees comfort, but also adds to the aesthetics of the shoe. This material is also lightweight enabling you to move effortlessly in every round.

Outsole made from molded rubber

The molded rubber outsole gives you flexibility as you putt as well as comfort guaranteeing you maximum focus on your strokes.

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#2: FootJoy Women’s Superlites Golf Shoes


Looking for some ultra light shoes to play golf with? Look no further than these Superlites golf shoes from FootJoy. The main features of this golf shoe include:

Upper with a breathable mesh

One thing I really like about this shoe is the upper because it comes with a breathable mesh. This feature enhances flexibility of motion, which can significantly improve your putt and your aim. The presence of the mesh also adds to the visual attractiveness of the shoe.

Comfortable Midsole

The midsole is comfortable and flexible enabling you to move comfortably and distribute your weight easily when aiming to achieve that perfect stroke.

Spikeless Outsole

The spikeless outsole guarantees comfort for the entire foot while in motion and even when motionless. In addition, it provides the necessary traction required for maintaining that perfect posture and balance needed for that perfect stroke.

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#3: FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Golf Shoes

Are you looking for a golfing shoe that combines style, a classic appeal, functionality, and performance?

If you are, then you should definitely be lacing up the FootJoy Women’s DryJoys golf shoes. Some of the features that I found most impressive about this shoe include:

Full leather grain uppers

The uppers are made using full grain leather, and this is an ideal material for female golf shoes because it guarantees durability, and comfort regardless of the weather  and terrain conditions at the course.

At the same time, this material allows for maximum breathing space for your foot minimizing any chances of discomfort, pain, foot cramps, or injuries.

Pulsar LP Cleats

These are high quality cleats from SoftSpikes that guarantee maximum cushioning to avoid any discomfort, pain, or injury to your foot as you golf.


This pair of shoes comes with a two year waterproof guarantee. If you are fond of golfing during the early mornings when the dew is still on the grass, or even playing during drizzles and light rain showers, then this feature will truly come in handy.

Leather Kiltie

The DryJoys comes with an additional style element in the form of an adjustable/removable kiltie. This feature enhances the aesthetic appeal of the shoe as well as adds stylistic depth to the rest of your golf outfit.

Stability Bridge

Another unique feature about the DryJoys pair of shoes is the TPU stability bridge located at the mid-section of the shoe. This bridge provides you, the golfer, with enhanced lateral support right at the middle of your foot for that extra balance and comfort as you putt.

Duramax Rubber Outsoles

With these outsoles, you are guaranteed of maximum grip, traction and balance on any type of terrain that you choose to play on.

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#4: FootJoy Women’s eMerge Golf Shoes

emerge footjoy womens golf shoe

The eMerge female golfing shoes from FootJoy are an eclectic blend of fun, style, grip and comfort. Its features include:

Contoured Bottom

Each shoe has a contoured last bottom, which takes the natural shape of your foot maximizing your comfort as well as your foot’s flexibility and natural movement.

Water resistant, synthetic leather uppers

The uppers are made from synthetic leather, which makes the shoes ultra comfortable as well as easy to clean. The uppers are water resistant as well, enabling you to play in wet or moist conditions without having to worry about your feet getting drenched and losing your balance.

Molded foam from PillowSof

This foam is lightweight, and provides you with maximum underfoot comfort round after round.

DuraMax Rubber Outsole

This proprietary feature gives you the much needed traction and grip to perform at your best in every terrain.

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#5: FootJoy Sport SL Women

The Footjoy Sport SL Women’s golf shoe is a delectable lightweight, stylish shoe comes with the following impressive features:

Lightweight cushioning

The underfoot cushioning is made from lightweight Ethyl vinyl acetate, which is highly durable as well as comfortable.

Breathable mesh

The uppers of the Sport SL feature a lightweight mesh, which provides for maximum breathability for your foot as you play and move around the course.

Maximum Traction

The shoes also come with highly advanced outsole pods that guarantee maximum grip and traction on any turf that you are playing on, as well as providing effective slip resistance.

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Q&A Section

Why should you buy golf shoes with a waterproof warranty?

It is highly recommended to purchase golf shoes with a waterproof warranty if you have a tendency of or preference for playing golf early in the morning when there is still a lot of dew on the grass. In addition, shoes with waterproof warranties are useful when playing in the rain or when course conditions are wet.

There are different warranties available for female shoes ranging from one year to three years. Your pair of golf shoes can outlast the waterproof warranty if you take very good care of them.

Spiked Vs Spikeless Shoes?

Personal preference will dictate whether you should get spiked or spikeless golf shoes.

However, it is usually recommended to use spiked shoes if you are playing in the rain, or on a course with hilly terrain or wet conditions. The spikes provide the much needed traction for playing effectively under such conditions.

Otherwise, if you are playing on a dry, smooth surface, then the spikeless shoes will do the trick. Spikeless shoes also offer greater versatility compared to their spiked counterparts.

You can wear spikeless shoes both on and off the course including to work or to the grocery store.

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