5 Essentials You Should Have to Play Golf

In this guide I’m excited to share our recommendations for different golf essentials you should have to play the sport of golf. Things like golf balls, golf shoes, and of course golf clubs. But we also share some of the best golf training aids below as well for practicing your game and improving!

If you enjoy this guide, make sure to check out the golf training plans at to follow to improve quicker with proven drills, worksheets, and resources that help you learn the game.

#1: Golf Balls

Picking out the right golf ball is important as each ball is made with different materials and layers and can impact your performance. For example, certain golf balls are built for more spin around the greens to help your short game clubs generate high spin to stop shots on the green.

Other golf balls are built with less backspin to help your clubs hit them farther and produce more roll upon landing like with your driver or fairway woods.

Here is the list of best golf balls we selected:

#2: Golf Clubs

To play golf you must have a set of golf clubs. Obvious golf equipment essential right? Just like with golf balls, you should select a set of golf clubs that best suits your golf game.

Certain golf club sets are built for beginners and others are geared towards tour level players. There are also mid handicapper golf sets geared towards the average player who scores in the 80’s and is nearing that next level of breaking 80 and achieving a single digit handicap.

Here’s the recommend golf sets for each type of golfer:

#3: Golf Stand Bag

While most golfers will ride a cart during their round of golf, you should still be prepared for times you decide to walk the golf course. This calls for a Stand Bag instead of a normal golf cart bag.

Golf Stand Bags are light weight, with shoulder straps to carry your golf bag on your bag like a backpack.

Here are the top 3 recommended golf stand bags to buy:

#4: Golf Shoes

During the average round of golf you’ll walk close to 4 miles in total distance! This takes a toll on your feet and by the end of your round you’ll be happy to sit down and get off your feet if you don’t wear the proper golf shoes.

You also want to buy golf shoes that have good traction to grip the ground on your golf swing, preventing slippage which can lead to poor shots and possible injury.

Waterproof shoes and self-tightening knob shoes are two additional features to consider when buying a new pair of golf shoes.

Here are the 3 favorites for best golf shoes:

#5: Golf Training Aids

Lastly, you should consider adding a couple golf training aids to your list of golf essentials to purchase. Having a putting training aid and chipping training aid at home can help you work on your short game while away from the golf course.

Most golf training aids are quite in-expensive making them easy gifts to request for birthday’s and holidays from friends and family.

Or you can purchase your own training aids to ensure you get the right one you wanted by visiting this link to Amazon. It lists the most popular training aids being purchased by golfers right now on Amazon.

Here are the favorites we like:

In addition to golf training aids, you should also have golf books you read and videos you watch to continue learning the sport. There are lots of great golf tips including these free tips on which is another great golf blog to read in addition to blog.

We also recommend the following golf training plans with drills and routines:

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Thanks for reading our review of the best golf gear and golf essentials you should own if you plan to play more golf this season. Check out each of the recommended equipment above via the links to Amazon.


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