Best Women’s Hybrids (Top 7)

#1: TaylorMade M6 Women’s Hybrid

TaylorMade M6 ladies’ hybrid is the best women’s hybrid on the market. The m6 comes with a revolutionary twist face technology that allows you to have stability at impact. So if you feel like turning the club at impact, you’re going to see a massive difference with the M6.

In addition to a low center of gravity, it also has incredible forgiveness to hit the sweet spot with ease. Furthermore, with the speed pocket technology, the club helps women golfers get extra distance.

The M6 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a great mix of distance and forgiveness. Plus, it is available in 7H, 6H, 5H, and 4H.


  • Very forgiving
  • Speed pocket technology to get tons of distance
  • A great choice for all handicaps
  • Available in 4 lofts


  • Quite expensive

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#2: TaylorMade Sim Max Hybrid

TaylorMade sim max hybrid is among the best women’s hybrids that feature new V steel sole technology. As a result, it helps golfers make better contact with the golf ball.

Extreme forgiveness, high ball speeds, and ease of launch set this club apart. Plus, the twist face technology helps increase the distance even if you miss the clubface center.


  • High launching
  • Speed pocket technology
  • Very fast ball speed


  • Quite expensive

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#3: Callaway Women’s Mavrik Max

Callaway Mavrik Max is the overall best choice for women. This year Callaway went above and beyond as they started using AI to increase the hybrid’s performance. In addition, the Mavrik max features a new flash face SS20 technology along with the face cup and jailbreak technology. These tremendous features allow golfers to get higher ball speed and distance.

Above all, its forgiveness is far better than others available on the market at the same price. With the unique clubface design, large sweet spot, and low center of gravity, this hybrid is easier to hit than others.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Many lofts available
  • Great replacement for long irons
  • Jailbreak technology


  • Looks like a Fairway wood

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#4: Cobra F9 Women’s Speed Back Hybrid

The Cobra F9 speedback is among the best women’s hybrids designed, especially keeping women golfers in mind. Cobra utilizes its baffler rail technology in its hybrid golf clubs. As a result, it features a shallow center of gravity and helps turf interaction.

The F9 comes with a lightweight and high-performing graphite shaft. It is for those women golfers who have slower swing speed and want to get the distance up.

Its large clubhead gives ladies confidence and feels they need to succeed in their game. In addition, the speedback hybrid provides an incredible feel with a ton of forgiveness, and it is available in 7H, 6H, 5H, and 4H.


  • Several lofts available
  • Amazing feel
  • More forgiving


  • Not cover as much distance as M6

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#5: Callaway Golf Women’s Rogue Hybrid

The Callaway rogue hybrid is pretty much like the TaylorMade M6. It is available in 7H, 6H, 5H, and 4H. In addition, the rogue utilizes Jailbreak technology that no other company uses to make hybrids.

It is a new concept that creates a spring-like effect off the clubface of this model. If your current hybrid doesn’t cover much distance, the Callaway rogue will give you a much different feeling.

The model comes with the 40-gram graphite shaft of Adila Quaranta. It is the right weight for the hybrid club. Plus, the face cup technology helps with forgiveness, and the large sweet spot helps make better contact.

The rogue hybrid is for those women golfers who struggle with getting fairway wood or long irons to have the correct launch angle. It can promote longer and higher shots.


  • Available in four lofts
  • Jailbreak technology
  • Easy to hit high
  • High forgiveness
  • Available at reasonable price


  • Feel is not that great

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#6: TaylorMade M4 Rescue Hybrid

The TaylorMade M4 is for beginner women golfers. It is a perfect combination of value and forgiveness. As a beginner, you may not feel like investing in a costly club, but this one is quite impressive.

It has a traditional clubhead design with a large sweet spot. In addition, this TaylorMade rescue model features speed pocket technology that helps to increase golf ball speed.

If you’re new to golf and looking for a go-to club to get the golf ball down the fairway, believe me, M4 is an excellent option.


  • Easy to launch
  • Affordable price
  • Great distance


  • Features older technology

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#7: Cobra Women’s King F8 Hybrid

The Cobra F8 might not be the newest option, but it has a ton of forgiveness. Plus, it has a low center of gravity that allows you to hit the golf club easily.

You’ll find that it has a smaller clubhead than many other options, but it is a true hybrid golf club. The Cobra F8 hybrid is available in 7H, 6H, 5H, and 4H.

The reason why it is on the list is because of its high forgiveness and cheap price. However, there is nothing cheap about the quality or the performance of this golf club.


  • Best choice for forgiveness
  • Uses baffler rails technology


  • Launch the golf ball too high for some golfers
  • Not the longest hybrid golf club

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Shaft Flex Should I Choose for My Hybrid?

Choosing a shaft flex for a hybrid club depends on the swing speed. If you can swing your club at 90mph, you should look for a regular shaft flex. If the swing speed is slower than 90mph, you may consider ladies or senior flex.

When choosing a shaft flex for a woman hybrid club, you should also look at factors like trajectory, distance, and shot shape.

What Loft Should I Choose for My Hybrid?

When selecting the perfect hybrid for your game, you must know what club you’re about to replace in terms of the loft. Usually, the loft is the clubface angle in relation to the ground.

  • A low-lofted (14 to 17 degree) hybrid can replace a 3 or 5 wood.
  • A moderate-lofted (18 to 22 degree) hybrid can replace a 5 or 7 wood. You can also use a moderate-lofted hybrid to substitute a 3 or 4-iron.
  • A high-lofted (23 to 28 degree) hybrid can replace a 9 wood or a 4 or 5-iron.

Difference Between a Hybrid and Fairway Wood?

Fairway woods are longer and heavier than woods. For example, a 2-iron is 39 inches in length versus a normal 5-wood that is 42 inches.

Hybrid clubs feature a low center of gravity, making it easier to reach higher golf ball flight and more forgiving than woods.

On the other hand, a fairway wood has a larger sole, making it easier to strike the ground before the golf ball, resulting in a wayward stroke.

When hitting with hybrids, the golf ball must be closer to the middle of the stance. In the case of a fairway wood, keep the golf ball near the front of the stance.

When Should I Use a Hybrid Golf Club?

  • When you’re playing downwind
  • To chip on a flat area that leads onto the green
  • When you struggle with hitting your long irons or woods
  • When you don’t have a good lie or in the rough

When Should I Use a Fairway Wood?

  • When you have a good lie
  • If you’re facing the wind
  • When you try to be aggressive such as reaching par-5 in just two shots

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