Best Golf Quotes List

Best Golf Quotes List Golf is a unique and special game where you can always learn something new. It’s not just a physical game but a mental game too! PGA Tour pros, politicians, writers, and people from all walks of life have all had something to say about golf. These wise, thought-provoking, funny, witty, and […]

How to Lose Weight Playing Golf

How to Lose Weight Playing Golf: Did you know…that playing golf is a fun and high calorie burning exercise that can help you lose weight in a less boring way than just walking a treadmill everyday? In the article below, we’re excited to share the best tips for losing weight from golf so you can […]

Best Golf Gift Ideas List

Best Golf Gift Ideas List Have you ever thought about what to give a person who loves golf? If so, you know how hard it is to find the best gift for a golfer. But, you’ve come to the right place. Here, the only thing you’ve to do is to scroll through the list to […]

Best Used Golf Club Websites to Buy USED Golf Clubs

Where to Buy USED Golf Clubs? Buying used golf clubs is one smart financial decision. You can find like-new golf clubs but for half the price at used golf club discount shops both online and in-person. If you’re tired of garage sale hunting for used golf clubs and prefer to just browse the internet using […]

Alignment Stick Putting Stroke Path Practice (Easy Golf Drill)

Alignment Stick Putting Drill (Straight Putts) If we could hit every putt straight as we intend to, then golf would be much easier. But sometimes the putts just go offline and end up right or left of where we desired the putt to roll. To help reduce mishit putts, start by practicing your alignment using […]

What are the 14 Standard Golf Clubs?

14 Golf Clubs Rule in Your Golf Bag In 1920, the maximum golf club rule was introduced setting the maximum number of clubs allowed in a golf bag at 14 golf clubs. This rule helped relieve caddies who were carrying 20+ golf clubs in the bag. Think about how exhausting that must have been. A […]

Best Long Putting Drill for Speed Control (Reverse Ladder Drill)

Putting Drill: Reverse Ladder Lag Putting to Practice Speed Control Putting makes up a large percentage of every golfer’s score, even the professionals. If you can’t putt, you simply won’t score well. One area of putting that many beginners forget to focus on is long distance putting. There is a specific golf term used for […]

List of Every Golf Ball to Consider (Alphabetical)

100+ Golf Ball List There are lots of golf balls being manufactured each year across many different brands. Over time, this adds up to quite a few different golf balls and today we have compiled a detailed list of golf balls. You’ll likely recognize most of the bigger name brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, etc. but […]

Putting Drill: Tiger Woods Gate Drill

Putting Drill – Tiger Wood’s Gate Drill Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers to play the game of golf and it’s incredibly important to study what the greatest athletes do to make themselves successful when you are desiring to get better at a sport. One thing we can copy from Tiger Woods is […]

Driving Range Drills: Practice with Purpose

Golf Drills for the Driving Range Do you ever wonder why you hit great drives on the driving range but can’t transfer that success over to the golf course during your golf round? This is a question I began asking myself during my journey to scratch golf and I worked hard to study the cause […]