erc golf ball review

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is the new ball in town that’s catching everyone’s attention and creating a fuss among golfers. Being the first ball to put on the initials of Ely Reeves Callaway, the Callaway founder, you likely expect a lot when it comes to its characteristics and makeup.

It launched in 2019 and below we will dive into the main features that are notable about the ERC golf ball. You can find more article reviews of golf balls on our blog page.

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Core & Cover of the Golf Ball

Just like its counterpart the Callaway Chrome Soft, this ball also features a core infused with Graphene which a very strong and flexible material.

The material makes the 3-piece ERC Soft giving the Dual Fast Core a soft feel but also give it the rigidity to be able to give the energy to deliver the required ball speed with lower spin and a higher launch.

The ball is covered with polybutadiene giving it a hybrid of performance of ionomer and urethane covers. This combination gives it a mid-price since it mixes the expensive urethane used for premium balls to provide the best control and the ionomer cover found in cheaper balls giving it the best price for all to afford.

With these features, you expect nothing less when it comes to the performance of the ball. While you cannot compare the spin control of the ERC Soft with a premium urethane ball such as Chrome Soft, all will agree that it’s not bad.

Triple Track Technology

The ball also features Triple Track Technology. These are the three lines on the cover with a thick red line in the center also supported by two thinner blue lines on each side. Well, this is the best visual alignment pattern based on the Vernier Visual Acuity.

This line works magic on your brain to help you better align the ball than in the case where the ball only has a single line. You don’t have to worry if you’re not a fan of the lines since you can still rotate your ball to the back because the line only covers half of the ball.

This method will only work best for you on the green or the tee but may be too much for you if you have ADHD on ball alignment.

The Triple Track lines work well with putts because you’ll have your eyes over the ball. However, it won’t work well from the tee with your driver because you’ll have your eyes inside the ball.

If you happen to tilt the ball towards you, the lines will look like they’re pointing the target but will take some practice to get to the position that will give you the best shot.

You can still be happy because ERC Soft comes in black and yellow color cover options to give out the 322 Hex dimples visuals.

The focus of ERC Soft is, however, not just on the colors and the lines. The performance is great when compared with graphene-infused Chrome Soft ball.

When tested with a 7-iron, the ERC Soft gives just the expected results though with a lower speed because of the lower compression. It has a lower spin of around 500 rpm.

The carry speed of the ball was the same as a similar launch angle thanks to the lower spin. The ERC Soft gives a good backspin number with a little extra distance with a higher launch.

Verdict on the Callaway ERC Golf Ball

The ball does a great job delivering the soft feel with the higher launch just the way Callaway claims it does. The speed is not also bad considering it’s a soft ball.

The price does not compromise on the features or the performance. The Triple Track lines are good for drawing your alignment lines on the ball and also a good idea for those who prefer a softer feel.

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