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PXG 0211 Irons Review

PXG 0211 Irons Review (Best Golf Irons 2019?)

The newest addition of the PXG 0211 irons from the reputable company known for their high-end golf equipment caught me by surprise. Why so soon? Barely a year has passed since the company released their 0311 Gen2 irons.

You’d be wrong if you think that the PXG 0211’s cast construction and the affordable price tag departs from the company’s original forged bodies. For the new 0211 simply extends the technology platform of the company rather than veer away from it.

The PXG 0211 model is the company’s effort in going the extra mile to make their products available to a wider audience. This, alone, is great news. However, the claims behind the 0211 golf irons set is bold, indeed.

This includes the 50% discounted price together with the same high performance of the 0311 irons. Is it all hype or is it for real? It’s time to take a closer look.


PXG 0211 Golf Iron’s Appearance

The design of the PXG 0211 irons belongs to a progressive set. Simply put, progressive sets are designs that substantially change to short irons from the long irons.

The long irons 0211 model with a bit of sole thrust past the top line and a substantial offset is almost identical to the 0311 XF Gen 2 irons.

When it comes to the scoring irons, the 0211 will similarly look like the 0311 Gen2 irons with an unassuming offset.

Straddling the line between game improvement irons and players iron is the broad explanation for the PXG 0211. This is because of the fairly wide soles combined with the slimmer top lines.

The longer blade length that surpasses most players’ irons makes the 0211 very pleasing altogether.

There is a noticeable difference between 0211 and 0311.

Not having weight screws around the head’s perimeter is the obvious difference. This gives a cleaner look to the 0211 which I prefer, being not a big fan of the weights.

Cast vs. Forge

According to the chief product officer of PXG, Brad Schweigert, the same high-quality construction is incorporated in the PXG 0211. The difference is the shift from forge to cast.

The company has seen that little impact happened on the overall sound and feel with the cast construction of the PXG 0211. The big impact was with the price, making the 0211 an affordable option.

The sensation given by the face to the ball being launched is what most golf clubs want to achieve with players. The firmer feel with a clicky sound is usually expected from irons.

The totally different feel with the unique iron construction of the 0211 still imparts the idea that there is a long ride going for the ball. The springy sensation with centered strikes is given off softly by the irons.

The extra bounciness gives the sensation of a ball flying off the face. The rich mid-pitch impact sound paired with the bouncy feel makes the 0211 unique and game-improving.


With this said, did the 0211 made good on their claims? I found that the forgiveness wrapped in an attractive package is the most impressive thing about PXG irons.

The COR2 inside the head coupled with the thin face enabled the face to create high ball speeds. Thin misses become more playable with the benefit provided by the wide sole.

The progressive design was further enhanced in the PXG 0211’s long irons feature. My cavity back irons got a bit lower spin with the short and mid irons.

Stressed is on the “bit” description because the very low spin given by most irons does not hold greens as they chase distance.

Not so with the 0211. A few hundred RPM enough to add a bit of length spells all the difference.

The 4 iron is where it’s all at with the progressive design. Easily executed extra spins for higher launches are provided by the extra size and offset. The extra distance given to the 4 iron by all of these things makes it a must-have iron for most players.

The 6 and 7 irons are usually long distance irons. The 4 iron, on the other hand, is usually not as long as the 5 iron. This rule does not apply with the 0211.

Comparing PXG 0211 Irons with PXG 0311 Irons

Is the half-price tag of 0211 the only difference it has over the 0311? Here are the key features that mark their differences:

  • A 431 stainless steel is used to cast 0211. 8620 carbon steel is used for forging 0311.
  • The 0211 does not have adjustable perimeter weighing which the 0311 has.
  • The 0311 price list includes wider varieties of shaft options. There are only 2 options with the 0211 stock. There is an additional charge for other available choices for the 0211.
  • One progressive set is what the 0211 is all about. The 0311 lineup features four different types and models.

Known as the “thinnest face in golf”, the COR2 technology is the single factor both PXG irons possess. This technology provides both PXG irons almost identical performances.

Wrap up on the PXG 0211 Irons Review

Giving the 0211 irons an identical feel and performance as that of the 0311 irons at half the price is the ultimate goal of the company. This can be counted as one of the success stories of  PXG.

This is not to say that 0211 will work perfectly for all players. The flexibility given by the four varied 0311 models can never be matched by the single progressive set of the 0211. However, the sole progressive set more than makeup for it with the excellent design meant to suit the majority of players.

PXG 0211 opens the chance for players to own an extremely well-designed, game-changing performing, but affordable iron. If the high-end price was the only thing that stopped you from trying out PXG irons, now’s the chance to make it real.

Test out the PXG 0211 iron now by going to the club fitter nearest your area.

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