Golf Fitness

Golf Warm-Up Exercises

Golf can get overwhelming with all to keep track of from putting, to chipping, to the golf swing. Many golfers forget about the fitness side of golf and making sure your body is primed for the 4 hour round ahead. It can be strenuous on your body and it’s important to properly warm up prior …

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Golf Mobility Exercises

Mobility exercises improve your muscles, tendons, and joints’ flexibility and motion ranges, allowing you to achieve greater physical fitness. Mobility exercises are critical in preventing golf injuries because they, This is vital to improve your power, accuracy, and swing during golf sessions. Here is a list of easy-to-do mobility workouts that are excellent for you. …

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Best Golf Exercises at Home

Regular workouts will increase your power, and you will generate more balance and speed in your golf swing. And those who are not in sports can still benefit from physical fitness. A golf workout routine from home not only improves your fitness but also improves your longevity to play golf. These are the best golf …

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golf exercises dumbbell

Golf Exercises with Dumbbells

Golf is a game that requires intense energy and muscular balance. Golf player motor skills must be right on point to smoothly facilitate a perfect swing. But, the problem with most golfers is their common physical limitations which makes them weak and inflexible. That’s where you need to think of improving physical strength along with …

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The 15 Best Golf Drills that

Lowered My Golf Scores

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