5 Tips to Lose Weight Playing Golf

Did you know…that playing golf is a fun and high calorie burning exercise that can help you lose weight in a less boring way than just walking a treadmill everyday?

In the article below, we’re excited to share the best tips for losing weight from golf so you can get after your fitness goals, and have fun doing so! Check out our step by step golf fitness training program here.

Best Tips to Lose Weight from Golf

#1: Walking the golf course

The average person burns around 250 calories per hour walking a treadmill. But on the golf course, this time can fly by as you’re having fun and not realizing how the hours are ticking by.

Before you know it, the 18 hole round of golf has taken up 4-5 hours of your day. As a result, you’ll likely burn close to 1,000 calories, if not more from walking the golf course, carrying your golf clubs with you.

If you have a step tracker like a fitness watch, for example, you’ll be shocked at how many steps you take on a golf course.

Golf is a great fitness activity for losing weight. Lots of calories can be burned and walking instead of riding a cart is one way to ramp up the calories burned in your daily activities.

#2: Practice, Practice, Practice

When you head to the driving range, you’re going to exert energy from swing after swing. After you’re through a bucket of balls, you’ll have burned a decent amount of calories. Each golf swing takes energy, putting lots of power into the swing. Your body will tire out eventually.

Additionally, practicing your chipping and putting will burn additional calories from all the walking and steps you take as you move around the practice green.

Therefore, simply going to the golf course to practice for a few hours can achieve multiple objectives; getting you better at golf and also helping you burn calories and lose weight.

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#3: Golf Fitness Exercises

Another way to incorporate golf into your weight loss journey is to perform golf exercises. You may not enjoy lifting weights and doing fitness activities at the gym normally. But when you tie it together with golf, this may motivate you and give you more of a purpose for working out since you know it will benefit your golf game too.

#4: Eat Healthier

Since golf takes its toll on you energy wise on the golf course, you want to prepare ahead of time before playing rounds of golf by eating healthy, energy packed foods. There’s no worse feeling than getting fatigued during a golf round and watching your performance suffer.

As part of eating healthier for your golf rounds, you’ll also get the added benefit that eating healthier can lead to weight loss too. Cutting out junk food that will drain you of energy quickly on the golf course is one way to lose weight fast.

#5: Stay Hydrated, Drink Lots of Water

When you drink lots of water, your body stays hydrated which helps you perform better on the golf course. Being in the sun for 4-5 hours can take a toll on you physically and mentally and keeping water on hand will help your body stay cool and replenish all the sweat you give off during your round of golf.

Drinking lots of water helps you avoid cramping and keeps your muscles more fluid.

It also keeps you full. This results in eating less calories when you feel more full from the water and this in turn helps you lose weight.

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