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Golf Practice Routine 2024

Golf as a sport takes tremendous discipline to master. It may not look like much to those who don’t understand golf. But in reality, the sport requires a huge amount of practice to build skill. And it’s all possible when you have the perfect golf practice routine. Unlike other sports, getting better at golf is

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golf ball marking

Golf Ball Markings

If you’ve been around golf long enough, you might have noticed personal brandings, company logos, or simple marker lines on the golf ball. Have you ever stopped to think about what are they supposed to mean? Well, golf ball markings are there for a reason. And it’s not just for identification. Many players believe that

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strokes gained golf

What Is Strokes Gained And How to Calculate Strokes Gained

Strokes gained is a term that has puzzled many golfers for years. Even many professional golfers don’t have a clear understanding of what strokes gained or lost actually means. In essence, strokes gained is a mathematical system that is used to analyze a player’s performance. However, it does more than simply analyze a player’s skill

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The 15 Best Golf Drills that

Lowered My Golf Scores

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