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Short Backswing In Golf

While playing golf and learning the basics of golf, the backswing might be difficult to understand. This is because you cannot see what’s happening at the top of the backswing while swinging. The top of the backswing is behind your head. It is the position you take while swinging, where you’ll pause for a brief

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Top Of The Backswing

One good position you can take as a golfer is the top of the backswing. In this position, you can use a great amount of energy to get a beautiful golf shot. You should try this out! To get this right, you have to reach the top of the swing in the right position. If

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How to Hit Your Driver

How to Hit Your Driver

So you’re kitted with the latest Callaway Epic Mac LS; your stance is perfect, tee height on point, and you got your swing down pat. Is that enough to hit an excellent driver? That’s a question most golfers struggle with daily. The driver is much more than just a shot; a driver is the defining

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