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Sweaty Hands Golf – How to Deal with Sweaty Hands In Golf?

Do you get sweaty hands playing golf? If so, then you are at a huge disadvantage. But, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sweaty hands are not a fun part either on or off the golf course.

Although a glove can help, still there’s a lot to think of other ways to improve your grip. So keep reading to understand how to deal with sweaty hands and shoot lower scores on the golf course.

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Tips for Sweaty Hand Golfers

  1. Use 3-4 Golf Gloves

Wet hands make it nearly impossible to get the best grip if your lead hand does not have a golf glove. Using golf gloves not only helps in keeping your hands dry but also provides more consistent grip pressure.

Carry at least three gloves with you at all times so that you can switch them at every few holes. Let the wet glove air dry while you use the other during the round.

  1. Use Grip Powder

Spreading grip powder on your hands will keep your hands and gloves dry for a long time. You can also use baby powder in place of grip powder.

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  1. Using Rain Gloves

You know how hard it is to play in hot, humid conditions and how you struggle with gripping your clubs. There’s one trick that works instead of using regular gloves is to use rain gloves. These will keep your hands dry, and you’ll focus on the game instead of worrying about poor grip.

Don’t wait for the rain to use rain gloves. Take it as an advantage to get a better grip and shoot lower scores.

  1. Buy New Golf Grips

If you have sweaty hands, golf grips are a good place to start. It helps you to have a firm grip on your golf club. Some golf players prefer rubber grips as they are soft, while others prefer corded grips. Corded grips help a lot with moist hands than non-corded grips.

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  1. Keep Extra Towels

Once you get the suitable gloves and grips, now it’s time to carry several golf towels, especially in the hot season. Try not to mix them with regular towels. Use them to clean the clubs and eliminate dirt from the clubface.

Use specific towels for your body and grips. Carrying 3-4 towels in your golf is a good idea to dry off your hands and grips before each shot. So, you don’t worry about losing or slipping the grip while hitting the ball.

Remember to dry off whenever you feel like your hands are the focus instead of the shot. Because it can add more tension to your forearms, making it difficult to swing correctly.

  1. Use Dry Hand Products

You can choose between many dry hand products based on your preferences. It turns your hand white and chalky but does a great job in keeping your hands dry. However, some players prefer sticky products to get a better grip.

  1. Wash Your Hands Often

Washing your hands from cool water helps a lot with keeping your hands dry. It washes away the dust and sweat that keeps you from getting a better grip and also maintains a low temperature in your hands.

You can keep an extra water bottle with you in case there aren’t many water coolers. Always clean your hands with dry towels before putting gloves back on. Clean and cool hands will help you to get a firm grip on the club.

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  1. Use Sweatbands

Wear a sweatband around your wrist to block some of the sweat to get to your hands. If somehow it affects your golf swing, it’s not worth it. Use sweatbands if it doesn’t affect your game.

  1. Keep Yourself Cooler

Try to wear breathable clothes, wear a hat, keep a cold towel on your neck, rub ice on your veins, and whatever you like that keeps you relaxed.

  1. Speed Up Your Golf Routine

The last tip of dealing with sweaty hands is to speed up your golf routine. You’re always on a time limit to hit the next shot after drying your hands. If you take more than 60 seconds from drying hands to hitting the golf ball, that will definitely ruin your score.

It’s better to have a towel tucked into your pants/shorts and hit the next shot within 15-20 seconds of drying your wet hands.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to overlook sweaty hands when playing golf, but they can make you end up playing your worst game. So, make sure to have extra towels, right grips, plenty of golf gloves, and use the other tips mentioned above.

If you are going to a competitive event, try to keep a gym towel only to dry off sweat and others to clean the club and ball. Hopefully, these tips will help you deal with your sweaty hands.

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