Cobra King F9 Driver Review

Rickie Fowler is one of the famous faces on PGA Tour you’ll see swinging the new Cobra King F9 Driver and it’s loud color fits his style.

The new 2019 Cobra King F9 Driver looks like the Ferrari of golf drivers with its sleek new yellow, black, and red design. It makes it easy to stand out in the design and looks department.


But performance is also very important to the Cobra brand and they’ve upgraded the F9 from the F8 to make it one of the best drivers on market.

Cobra asked golfers what they want in a driver and no surprise the top three answers were speed, accuracy and forgiveness. So Cobra designers worked hard on the F9 to generate more clubhead speed for increased distance while improving forgiveness.

Improved Aerodynamics

Data from Cobra says that the new King F9 Driver is 12 percent more aerodynamic than the F8 driver released last year. And it is 17 percent more aerodynamic than the F7 model released a few years ago.

To achieve these results, the seam has been rounded where the topline and crown meet together and the leading edge where the hitting area meets the sole has also been rounded.

This improved aerodynamics in addition to the aerodynamic trips that were added to the crown of the F9.

Speedback Technology

You’ll also love the Speedback technology which is the square area you find in the back of the driver. The Speedback technology holds a moveable weight that helps pull the center of gravity down away from the club face.

Engineers also drove down the center of gravity on the Cobra King F9 driver by using a larger carbon-fiber crown, which effectively shifts weight to the lower half of the club head.

CNC Milled Face

Check out the face on the Cobra King F9 Driver with milled grooves on the outside and ribbon milled grooves in the circle center of the face.


This titanium face is CNC-milled which helps transfer energy better from the face to the ball to increase ball speed and thus increase your distances off the tee. How so?

Cobra uses a computer to properly shave tiny ribbons of material off the face. This allows them to control thickness in precise areas of the clubface to create a larger sweet spot and help off-center hits maintain more ball speed as compared to the F7 and F8 driver models.

Face Curvature

Cobra works endlessly to perfect the curvature of the face as well from heel to toe (bulge) and from sole to crown (roll). The new F9 design features a top half that curves more than the bottom half of the club head.

This effectively reduces the spin on golf shots you hit higher into the air to help your drives achieve more roll and longer overall distances.

It also helps your golf shots you hit low on the face still achieve a higher launch angle to improve carry distances on these mis-hits.

The curves vary on each driver, however. For tour players using the 9 degree driver the curvature is less while the 12 degree driver option has more. Here is the 10.5 degree driver option on Amazon.

Ball Flight

Cobra spent time dialing in your ball’s flight by including a 14-gram and 2-gram weight in the King F9 driver head.

The heavier weight has been placed in the forward port to reduce spin and initial launch angle while the 2 gram weight in back helps boost spin rates and increase shot height.

Adjustable Hosel

You’ll also love the adjustable hosel in the King F9 Driver which is an eight setting MyFly8 system to help you fit the club to your playing style for better launch angles. You can adjust the loft by up to 2 degrees.

Cobra Connect Grip Sensor

Today’s tech world has gone a step further with the creation of Arccos 360 technologies to add sensors to your golf clubs. Cobra did this as well by adding the Cobra Connect sensor into the grip.

It’s an Arccos-powered shot-tracking system embedded in the grip. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and with the use of a free app let’s players track their drives and store data for analysis. Check it out here.


When Did the Cobra King F9 Driver Release?

The new 2019 Cobra King F9 Driver releases January 18, 2019. Many tour players got to test prototype models ahead of time but the average amateur golfer can pick up the driver in stores starting January 2019.

Check current price on Amazon here.

How Much Does the Cobra King F9 Driver Cost?

It will retail for $449. It comes with UST Mamiya Helium, Project X ATMOS, or HZRDUS Smoke golf shafts and the standard Cobra Connect Grip for tracking your drives on the app to improve your performance over time via data and analytics.

Compared to the TaylorMade M5 / M6 Driver and the Callaway Epic Flash, the Cobra King F9 driver is at a cheaper price point while still producing similar results off the tee in terms of distance, control, and forgiveness.

Check current price here on Amazon

What Loft Degree Options will the Cobra F9 Driver Have?

You can select from 9 degrees loft, 10.5 degrees loft, or 12 degrees loft options for this driver.

If you struggle to launch the ball higher or have a tendency to hit lower on the face, then you’re best off with the 12 degree loft option which has improved curvature to help mis-hits still launch with height.

Check current pricing and availability on Amazon

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