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Golf Simulator Reviews: OptiShot 2 vs SkyTrak

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Optishot 2 VS SkyTrak – Golf Simulators

As a golf player, there are many things you need consider such as the face of the impact, the angle, the attack, and the spin rate.

Here is where technological tracking devices such as Optishot 2 and SkyTrak comes into play. They may be used for similar purposes, but they have notable differences that you need to consider when choosing one to use for your golf practice.

The first and obvious difference we notice about the two is that one is a launch monitor and the other one is a simulator.

Optishot 2 is a golf simulator device which allows you to play various golf simulations to help improve your skills and gain various golfing techniques.

SkyTrak is a personal launch monitor that offers data right away as well as give you access to a wide range of simulations that help you practice your golf skills to improve in your golfing techniques.

Pricing Comparison

Another notable difference between the two is the price. If you’re looking for the most affordable simulator package, Optishot 2 will cover your budget just the way you want it. You’re probably going to get the whole box with the complete setup at only $300.

Despite the price, Optishot 2 is still robust enough and will give you maximum performance as you practice various driving ranges with up to 15 simulated courses.

So if you need accuracy and incredible performance, but your budget is limited, you need not worry because Optishot 2 will get you covered.

SkyTrak, on the other hand, comes with a high price but comparing the benefits you’re going to get from it; it is worth spending on.

At around $1,700, you are guaranteed the accuracy of systems like Foresight and Trackman.

You’ll also get value for your money since it comes with various software providers to help you play thousands of simulated courses, compete with other golfers online as well as get the opportunity to practice various driving ranges.

It comes with various packages going for about $10, 000 or below, and if you don’t mind investing a little more, this is probably the best option.

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The two devices also show some difference in their accuracy levels. If you want a complete, reliable golf ball data, you should consider digging deeper into your pockets to get the unsurpassed accuracy level brought about by SkyTrak.

The photometric technology ensures you get a very accurate representation of your ball flight, distance, ball speed, the spin rate among others.

It tracks the ball and not the club, which has a high likelihood of giving accurate information and is suitable for outdoor use.

Optishot 2 on the other hand, will ensure you get all the golf data including the path of your swing, angle of attack, as well as your swing speed.

However, Optishot 2 will not assure you maximum accuracy compared to that of SkyTrak because there can be inconsistencies on the direction and the distance of your shots as compared to what you will find in a real golf course.

It uses two rows of sensors which are about 5 ½ inches across as 7 inches apart. The sensors are only able to track the club which leaves room for errors.

We, however, cannot say that SkyTrak is 100% percent accurate, but compared to Optishot, you expect better results.

Software options

Many people opt for SkyTrak despite its price thanks to many software options it offers. You get the various driving range to improve your golfing skills.

They also have players skill assessment, longest drive feature and closest to the pin. You get these by subscribing to their Game Improvement package which goes for $99/yr.

If you’re a PC user, you get various software suites such as TruGolf, the Golf Club Game, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, and Creative Golf 3D. IOS users can access World Golf Tour by subscribing to Play & Improve package for $199/yr.

With Optishot 2, you’re not going to get all these options, but you get access to up to fifteen 3D-rendered golf courses.

Key Features

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

  • Pinpoint Practice. This is accuracy test on the driving ranger where a layer attempts to get the ball at a distance of the pin and the device tracks how many you get into each zone.
  • Online play. You can get a chance to compete with other golfers online. You can subscribe for Mini Tour Season Pass which goes for $49/yr. and you get to play 2 tournaments a month with 26 more courses or subscribe for Pro Tour Season Pass which gives additional pro course.
  • Optishot 2 can trust the Clubhead speed, swing path, Face Angle and Distance.
  • You can download Optishot 2 software on your laptop and use anywhere including your office or backyard.
  • Comes with up to 15 simulator courses
  • Sixteen high-speed infrared sensors for tracking your club

SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch Monitor

  • Skill Assessment. This is a valuable feature for those looking for ways to improve their golf skills. You can create up to 10 target stations and decide on the number of shots you’re going to get for each. The device will collect various data such as Shot Dispersion, Green Accuracy, Tendencies and Dynamic Handicap.
  • SkyTrak is compatible with many simulation software including WTG, The Golf Club, and Jack Nicklaus Golf.
  • The practice range. The practice range enables you to practice anywhere away from the golf course and improve your golf skills as you get feedback about your launch angle, ball speed, backspin among other data points.
  • High definition graphics. The graphics allow you to track your performance and practice like a pro with their golf simulation package.
  • It is compatible with various iOS devices, PC and Android
  • It comes with a portable wireless setup that allows you to play anywhere whether indoors or outdoors.
  • It is quick and easy to setup

Who Are These Golf Simulators Suitable For?

SkyTrak is no doubt suitable for experienced golfers whose main aim is to achieve maximum accuracy. You have to be willing to pay more for a high-tech golf device with the most incredible features that will help improve your golf skills and have the best gaming experience. Check current Amazon prices here.

Optishot 2 is an excellent choice for beginners or intermediate golfers who want to experience golfing fun with great simulation experience at a cheap price. Check current prices here.

How to Build Your Own Golf Simulator

If you want to save some money and build your own golf simulator for a fairly affordable price tag, check out this complete guide we put together.

It highlights all the gear and equipment and training aids you need to build your own indoor golf simulator.

Read the Guide: Build Your Own DIY Golf Simulator

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