cobra king forged irons review

Cobra King Forged CB and MB Irons Review

Cobra’s latest release of their new forged irons features sleek tour design, tour-standard looks, and playability.

The irons are inspired and designed alongside PGA Tour star Rickie Fowler utilizing the same design and technology preferred by the star for his desired precision.

The irons have a more forgiving cavity-back (CB) shape in the 4-6 irons hence ensuring they provide a superior feel with more playability. It also helps with flight control and shot shaping ensuring it gives added forgiveness on misses towards the perimeter.

Coming up with the looks and the feel that will entice golfers from all over the world took a hard work of Cobra’s team so the CB irons can undergo a five-step forgiving process resulting to a refined grain structure and a signature feel hence delivering incredible features.

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The Specs & Features of the CB Irons

Blade shape head

The classical tour proven blade shape head gives the irons a compact look at address that increases precision and workability for better scoring chances.

CNC Milling

This feature is seen in last year’s F8 Driver, and even with the new iron, it still delivers the most précised face and groove structure maximizing spin and trajectory. The irons are further equipped with wedge grooves that enhance trajectory and spin control.

Tungsten Tour Weighting

The weighting is configured to match Fowler’s irons on tour with two tungsten inserts positioned on the toe and the center of the club head for increased forgiveness, trajectory and feel.

Flow Set Design

The irons are made with a set composition flowing gradually with a more forgiving an easy to hit cavity back long irons.

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Diamondized Black Metal Finish

The irons utilize Cobras most durable and beautiful black satin finish that diffuse sunlight to maintain a sleek look for a long time. It also ensures the irons are resistant to wear hence lasts longer and visually appealing always.

Cobra Connect System

This is the first set of irons from Cobra featuring Golf Pride Tour Velvet COBRA CONNECT powered by Arccos. The irons come with a GPS enabled grips that work together with the Arccos Caddie app. The feature allows golfers to track their stats with the Arccos stat-tracking platform and improve their performance in the game.


Whether your game is inspired by Fowler or not, you will find it hard to resist the forged irons because of their feel and sound. The irons deliver a crisp sound and feel making them livelier with softer feels on pure shots. The irons combine excellent feel, killer looks and incredible performance making it a dream set for every golfer looking for better performance.


The irons are available in different variations for both left and right-handed players. The stock 7-piece set goes for $1,099. The fact that the irons contain Fowler’s tagline is enough to them in an appreciable manner no matter the price tag.


Golfers who want ultimate feel and precision will never go wrong with the new Cobra King’s Forged CB irons. With the greatest inspiration coming from PGA’s star Rickie Fowler, everything is in place starting from the feel, looks, and the performance.

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Cobra King Forged MB irons

With its history of making best performing irons, players expect even incredible work with the new muscle back forged irons from Cobra King.

The tour inspired irons to deliver a perfect combination of accuracy and precision without overlooking the desired feel and control.

Golfers are guaranteed the most out of their shots with a combination of looks and performance inspired by Rickie Fowler.

Just like the CB counterpart, the King Forged MB also features a five-stage forging process which results to a more precise shape and tighter weight tolerance.

All the features combined give the softest feeling irons that are sure to turn the heads of every experienced golf player.

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Since they are made together with Forged CB for the same performance, they share almost the same features.

It comes with a tungsten toe weight that positions the center of gravity behind the center of the face enabling the player to come up with excellent shots.

The Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milled faces and grooves enable the irons to produce better spin and control.

The Tour-proven blade shape is excellent for the players who can control and work the ball with precision.

Just like all clubs from Cobra King, the forged MB also comes with the Cobra Connect System allowing players to track their stats with the help of Arccos 360 app installed in their smartphone.


The irons come in black and orange color scheme which is inspired by the PGA Champion Rickie Fowler. The diamondized black finish makes every player admit that this is indeed a fantastic work.

It is even amazing that this finish is not only for visual appeal, it also makes the iron more durable than the PVD finish. This means the iron will not wear off easily and you will get more life out of it.

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Another incredible thing about the forged MB is the feel and sound. Most golfers who have had a taste of it testify that it is one of the softest feeling irons.

The nicely weighted head and the stock shaft combination give it the feel and a sweet sound. You will get that crisp feel on center hits with no vibration.

The forged muscle back irons shorter irons (7-PW) may not be as forgiving as the longer cavity back irons (6-7), they still enhance playability for a wide range of golfers and excels most in its accuracy and the ability to shape shots.


Cobra King Forged MB carries the same price tag as the Forged CB of $1,099 which is a fair price for a premium set of irons of its caliber.


The forged muscle back irons take the trophy for their feel, visual appeal, and workability. Although they may not be the most forgiving irons in Cobra King Collections, professional players know exactly how they can improve your performance as far as workability and distance control is concerned.

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