Golf Practice Routine: 25 Up & Downs for Chipping Skill Improvement

Today’s golf practice routine works on your short game and can be done easily at any local golf course that has a practice green.

You’ll be mainly focusing on your chipping skills by mastering control and feel from a variety of distances around the green. But after each chip shot you’ll still go up and attempt to putt the ball to finish off the hole like you would in a real round of golf.

The idea of this chipping practice routine is to simulate real conditions as if it were a real round of golf.

Chipping Routine:

  • Drop 25 golf balls around the practice green
  • Drop them randomly so you create all kinds of different distances and lies
  • Pick one hole on the green to target for this drill
  • Chip each golf ball trying to get it within 2 feet of the hole
  • Repeat from that same spot until you get within 2 feet of the hole
  • Go up and finish the shot with making the 2 foot or closer putt

Benefits of this Golf Practice Routine:

The first benefit you get is learning distance from a large variety of distances since golf balls will be randomly dropped in different locations around the green.

You’ll develop better feel for how to carry the ball over the rough and land it different distances onto the green to achieve a certain amount of roll that gets the ball within a few feet of the cup.

Your imagination and visualization skills will be tested as you analyze each chip shot to determine the best location to land it on the green and how you believe it will roll to the hole after landing.

You are also going to develop the ability to handle pressure since each shot cannot be completed until you get it within 2 feet of the hole. It forces you to focus and concentrate.

Additionally, you should go through your normal chipping routine before hitting each shot to simulate real course play where you take your time. Don’t rush and hit each chip shot in rapid fire succession.

This is a fun golf practice to complete and will leave you feeling accomplished when you finish it 60 minutes later.

Every chip shot has a purpose since you can’t move on if you don’t get it close which differs from chipping drills where shots don’t matter, and it’s just another rep.

Golf Practice Plans & Routines to Follow

If you’d like to further develop your short game skills and your golf swing, we also recommend the following golf training plans with drills and routines to follow step by step:

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