Best Golf Game to Play During Golf Practice

If you’re tired of the same old boring golf drills and want to make your golf practice sessions more fun, try adding in different golf games to your practice routine.

One of the best golf games I like to play for practice is the 18 Score game. It is simple to play.

The goal is to give yourself a par score of 2 for each hole you hit to, starting with a chip shot and followed up with a putt. This works on your up & downs which will be needed quite often out on the golf course when you miss greens on the approach.

How to Play the 18 Hole Golf Mini Game

  • Start off picking out a hole to chip to and try to chip as close as you can to the hole.
  • Then go sink the putt to finish off the par 2 score
  • Record chip in’s as 1 on the scorecard and if it takes you two putts instead of one then score a 3
  • Repeat this drill to 9 holes total which makes up a score of 18 as par
  • See if you can score par or better during this golf game by getting a chip in
  • Repeat this golf game different practice days to beat your score and set a personal best

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Why this Golf Practice Game Helps You

You’ll improve your chipping skills by default as it challenges you to hit from different lies and different locations around the green.

This will teach you how the ball reacts on downhill chips, uphill chips, and side breaking chips where the ball lands on the green and breaks on the way to the hole.

In addition to learn distance control and playing different trajectory of shots, you’ll also build your putting skills.

After each chip you must make the putt to score par so the pressure kicks up and you’ll learn how to handle pressure out on the golf course as a result of this drill.

It also simulates pressure because you’re trying to be consistent and make par score multiple holes in a row instead of just once in awhile. If you achieve this level of consistency in your short game you should be able to score 18 for this golf game quite easily.

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