Driving Range Practice Routine: Golf Swing Drills


Driving Range Practice Routine: How to Hit Your Range Balls

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Struggling to find the best way to use your bucket of range balls? I’m excited to share an easy, simple driving range routine for practicing your golf swing and feeling accomplished with time spent on the range.

Let’s first analyze a typical driving range and how I like to break it down in my mind when getting ready to hit balls.

Map Out Your Targets on the Driving Range

Most driving ranges have targets at 150 yards, 125 yards, 80-90 yards, and then a longer iron target like 180 yards and 200 yards.

Use alignment rods and start at the longest target like the 200 yard target. This ensures you’re properly aimed at the driving range target so you can judge if your swing was straight or not.

Next I like to visualize a 30 yard wide fairway. Give yourself about 15 yards to each side of the target you are aiming at and visually study the driving range to learn what would count as a ball that hit fairway and what counts as a fairway in regulation miss.

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Driving Range – Golf Practice Routine

Divide up your golf balls into sets of 5 and you should have about 10 sets if you have a 50 bucket of balls. Complete the following 10 sets of drills on the range.

Every set of 5 shots can be broken down further. The first 3 golf swings are focused on hitting the proper distance to your target and trying to hit as straight as you can.

The last two balls are split between 1 draw swing and 1 fade swing trying to work on curving the golf ball. Adjust your grip and stance to hit the draw or fade ball flight.

  1. Warm up with 7 iron shots
  2. Hit 5 shots with 9 iron
  3. Hit 5 shots with 6 iron
  4. Hit 5 shots with 8 iron
  5. Hit 5 shots with hybrid
  6. Hit 5 shots with pitching wedge
  7. Hit 5 drivers
  8. Hit 5 wedges to 80 yard target
  9. Hit 5 wedges to 100 yard target
  10. Hit 5 wedges to 60 yard target

This is a simple driving range golf practice session to complete. It works a variety of distances you’ll face on the golf course with your longer irons, shorter irons, and wedges.

You don’t hit many drivers but that’s okay because you can use any extra range balls after the initial 50 to work on smashing drives.

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